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On The Hunt : Throw Pillows

On The Hunt : Throw Pillows | Sacramento Street

With a new season beginning, there isn’t a better way to update your home than with a couple of new throw pillows! Whenever I’m in the mood to change things up around our apartment or if a client wants a little something new, I always begin with the pillows. It’s the easiest and most cost effective purchase.

I’ve sourced from some of my go-to sites for clients to bring you my top six pillows I would bring into your home this season. Hope these make it into some of your homes.

1.) Akerkulla Cushion Cover (Save!)
2.) Damask Toss Pillow
3.) Tiered Fringe Pillow
4.) Crewel Key Pillow Cover
5.) Kamile Pillow, Chalkboard
6.) Nisa Pillow (Splurge.)

Here are a few more of my favorite pillows:


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I’m Loving . . .

Scandinavian Bathroom | Style Files

There is nothing I love more than an all white bathroom. This one in particular is gorgeous!

Leek and chèvre soufflé omelette | Gourmet Traveller

Lately, breakfast for dinner has been happening quite a bit – this leek and chèvre soufflé omelette might have to be on the dinner table soon.

street style

This week my go-to look has been black jeans or leggings and a grey tee. There isn’t anything better than running around town in something comfy while sourcing for clients.

kitchen | blood and champagne

Honestly, could my kitchen look like this? Love the combination of white subway tile, marble and the rustic open shelving.

nursery | sissy + marley

Not only am I designing my own nursery, but I’m also designing a few for clients as well. This nursery has given me tons of inspiration lately.

What are you loving this week?

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Four Favorites

Four Favorites : Scarves | Sacramento Street

In keeping with our “gearing up for fall” theme – I wanted to share a handful of scarves I’ve been eyeing. While it isn’t quite cool enough during the day (unless the fog decides to say hello), our nights have been a bit breezy. Last night in particular when we went for a walk, I noticed a slight chill to the air. I couldn’t believe it until I looked at my watch and realized the sun was setting before 8pm. It’s sad to see long summer nights go. I hope a few of these scarf options inspire you for the cool nights that are ahead.

1.) ‘Kala Camouflage’ Wool Infinity Scarf

2.) Woven Animal Print Scarf

3.) Silk Cashmere Wrap

4.) Open Stitch Infinity Scarf 

More Scarves That I Adore:


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Blooms in Season: August

Blooms in Season by Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street

As we celebrate the close of our summer season, Natalie and I wanted to bring you an arrangement that depicts the epitome of summer to us. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better arrangement to say ta-ta to summer. Read on for Natalie’s tips on roses and more!

Blooms in Season by Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street

Flowers used in this arrangement:

Sally Holmes (rose with single petals)
Crocus (peach rose)
Romantic Antique (coral rose)
Cabernet Grapes

I see that you used Grapes. What inspired you to do that?

I have been getting grapes in my veggie box every week lately and was inspired to use them in the arrangement. I love using fruit in my designs and grapes have a lovely drape to them that look so pretty over the vase line.

Blooms in Season by Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street

Blooms in Season by Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street

These roses are so delicate. Tell me about them.

I am in love with the “Sally Holmes” rose. It is an heirloom rose that grows on a bush. There are clusters of blooms on each stem and each blossom has a single row of petals. I love how delicate they are and that with the few number of petals their yellow center is really visible.


Are we in rose season? Where are these from?

All of these roses are from Sonoma, which is about an hour north of San Francisco. Roses have two cuttings which means they bloom twice each season. We are seeing some beautiful varieties right now, including the soft feminine Crocus that I also used in this arrangement.

Blooms in Season by Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street 

If roses wilt, is there any way to save them?

Yes! Roses should always be cut at an angle and put in plenty of water. Some people even suggest that you cut the stem under water so that the air never seals the skin. If a rose is soft and wilted but not dead, you may horizontally submerge the rose in warm water for thirty minutes and it will revive!

Both Natalie and I hope this i

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Lovemade: A New Moms-to-be Workshop



Now that I’m fully into my second trimester it’s definitely set in that these last four months are going to go incredibly fast. As we start nesting and prepping for our little guy to come, I’ve found myself turning to moms that I admire for advice. There are so many details to think about . . . how many newborn diapers should I buy? Which stroller do you love? Friends, the list is never ending and I cherish having girlfriends that are moms to help guide me.

Today, I’m over the moon to share with you a workshop for expecting moms called Lovemade. Two moms, Jeanne and Janette that I totally admire have started a series of workshops helping soon to be mamas prepare for motherhood. I cannot wait to attend this fun filled day.

When I asked Jeanne and Janette if they’d sit down to give us the scoop behind Lovemade – they jumped at the chance. I know a lot of you moms and moms-to-be will be in awe of their passion, beauty and inspiration about being moms. Read on to learn more from these two!




We should start from the beginning, where and how did the idea of Lovemade start?

Jeanne: We first met through a mom’s group on Facebook, and we quickly realized how aligned our perspectives were on style — especially style with kids! We get excited about anything that lets parents stay true to their interests and aesthetics, and we love exposing our kids to all that we love, from good style to good food.

Janette: What Jeanne is forgetting to mention is that the group we met through is called “Cool Moms Club,” and she co-founded it! The name always makes me laugh. That group has played a big part in our inspiration for Lovemade, as we’ve seen first-hand how important it is to connect with other families who value the same things you do.

What’s the mission behind Lovemade?

Jeanne: Lovemade exists to celebrate the special intersection between what adults love and what kids love. Our vision is to create a full events series for design-conscious families at various stages, always valuing both community and style.

Janette: Our first workshop is just for moms-to-be. Jeanne and I have reflected on how we felt as first-time moms . . . we were both afraid we’d lose our sense of selves (and sense of style). But we didn’t! So our workshop is designed to give women confidence in this special time in life, helping them be intentional about how they decorate their homes & nurseries, and how they dress. Plus we’re excited to build community among our 15 attendees, all like-minded and at the same stage.


Being pregnant myself, I’m in love with the idea of this workshop. What will attendees (and I) be learning throughout the day?

Jeanne: The workshop is divided into three parts. First, both Janette and I will teach, sharing important takeaways on home and nursery design, beautiful baby essentials, pregnancy and new-mom style, as well as baby style. We’ll share our insider tips on brands and how to define a style that fits your lifestyle. Second, we’re hosting a panel discussion with three of our favorite local ladies who are moms: Katie Hintz-Zambrano of Mother Mag, Erica Chan Coffman of Honestly WTF, and Liz Stanley of Say Yes. Not only is this a panel where we get to ask anything on pregnancy, motherhood and beyond, it will also be a group session to get connected with one another. The third part is all about fun! All attendees will get makeup lessons and a makeover with bareMinerals makeup artists, a baby bump photo session with Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids, and we’ll be sipping on mocktails provided by Good Eggs.

Tell us a little bit about how you selected the items for the “New Moms Care Package” that each attendee will be receiving.

Janette: This is one of our favorite parts! Thanks to the amazing brands we’ve invited to join in our vision, everyone gets a care package valued at over $400 (which covers the cost of the workshop). Jeanne and I made a list of our favorite baby essentials that we’d want to share, and then we contacted our favorite brands to bring that vision to life. We’re still working on securing a few picks, but we’re super excited that everyone who comes will walk away with a pair of Freshly Picked baby moccasins, adorable Honest diapers, organic baby onesies from Good On Paper, a voucher for a Coatt Morse code bracelet and that spells their baby’s name, spa certificate to International Orange, and so much more!

Both of you are such an inspiration for moms and moms-to-be. If you could give one (or two) pieces of advice to expecting moms what would they be?

Jeanne: Surround yourself with moms you admire and who inspire you. It truly is important to have that network once you become a parent. I cannot tell you how great it has been to turn to like-minded moms for anything from baby advice to parenting to even launching Lovemade. Also, trust your instincts! Tips and advice are great, but at the end of the day, do what you feel is right for you and your baby.

Janette: Don’t stress, just come to Lovemade! (Haha, just kidding…but we will help you get control of the overwhelm!) But on a serious note, two things… First, when you’re pregnant, read more about parenting than birthing. Most birth plans don’t go as expected, but the more knowledge you have about taking care of an infant, the more confident you’ll feel in those early days. Second, remember always that your words will become your child’s inner voice. My daughter is two now, and this powerful advice has guided me all along the way!

I hope to see some of you at the workshop! I know it’s going to be an incredible day.

Lovemade Details:


When: September 27th, 10 AM – 5 PM.
Where: Catherine Kwong Design
Cost: $325 before 8/29, $375 after.
Space is limited to 15 beautiful mamas.


Photos from Lovemade

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