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Grey Interiors for Fall

Chairish | Sacramento Street

It might not be a surprise to many of you but I’m coveting grey interiors for fall. It sets the perfect mood as we head into fall. It’s truly an amazing color that never seems to go out of style and complements every color. I’ve been seeing endless inspiration everywhere and it’s been reflecting itself in my design projects. Taking a turn to a more grey palette is fine by me – there are so many shades and patterns in grey that can be layered on top of each other to create stunning rooms.

That’s why I’ve put together a few of my favorite vintage items in all shades of grey. The perfect pieces that you can layer into your home or layer together to create a stunning space. Everything from the base items you need for a room, to the walls, to the details in accessories. I have you covered.


1.) Contemporary Master Harvey Sofa | 2.) Oakland Concrete Cube Table | 3.) Polished Petrified Wood Table | 4.) Ellan Maynard Original Painting: Morning Sea | 5.) White Wooden Mirror | 6.) Large European Style Waterbuck Antler Trophy | 7.) Peaceful Buddha Statue in Antique Gold | 8.) Gold Embossed High Ball Cocktail Glasses | 9.) Decorative Grey Metallic Pillow

Have you been in a grey mood now that the temperatures are dropping and it’s becoming sweater season?

Pop on over to Chairish to check out my other favorite vintage items.

This post is a partnership with Chairish. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

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a brand new week . . .

create your own sunshine

Monday has arrived. Lately I’m finding myself needing a little beginning of the week motivation. There’s nothing quite like a good quote to kick start your week. At the start of each week I think about my goals, what’s inspiring me and make a to-do list that will guide me to achieve everything that needs to get done. Although you can’t always get everything checked off your to-do list, it’s important to remember that creating your own path will bring you joy and sunshine at the end of the week. No matter if you work for yourself, a company or you’re a stay at home parent – everything you achieve during the week matters.

Cheers to a productive week filled with endless productivity that will have you dancing when Friday rolls around.

Quote from HQ Lines

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Four Favorites: Beauty

Four Favorites: Beauty | Sacramento Street

Since a young age I’ve never been into makeup. My philosophy has been – use what is quick, easy and natural looking. Over the years I’ve tested out different products and have finally come to the conclusion that the above four products are my tried and true items I simply cannot live without. Heaven forbid if I run out because I have nothing else to substitute in. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying out new eye shadows, lipsticks and powders, but I thought with so much out there you might want to know what’s part of my morning routine. Do you have any favorite products you can’t live without?

1.) ‘Pure Color’ High Intensity Lip Lacquer

2.) Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

3.) ‘Definicils’ High Definition Mascara 

4.) Deep Comfort Body Moisture

More of my beauty favorites:

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Seasonal Wrapping: Indigo Hues

Seasonal Wrapping - Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento Street Seasonal Wrapping - Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento StreetSeasonal Wrapping - Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento Street

For our second installment of Seasonal Wrapping with Simone LeBlanc, we wanted to bring you something truly unique. Both of us have been incredibly inspired by indigos and ocean blues. Probably no surprise for some of you since I love decorating with different blue hues. Simone has also been in love with the idea of wabi – sabi and happenstance mark-making. When pulling inspiration over on Pinterest both of us were in awe of all of the pattern, textures and layers you can play with when it comes to indigo. I can honestly say that I think Simone could have done a dozen posts on this beautiful tone.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

What I love and adore about Simone’s wrapping is that it instantly inspired you to go out and create something beautiful. When I laid by eyes on this month’s post my jaw dropped. I was literally in awe of what Simone had created for all of you. The best part is there is really no wrong way to make these papers – each person’s hand/touch will create something visually stunning with their own twist. It’s about using the basic framework and steps below and then experimenting.

Get all the details on how Simone created these gorgeous wrappings below.

Sacramento Street

* Paint: Choose 3 colors that are similar in hue: light, medium, dark. I used Farrow + Ball - Stiffkey Blue (light), Hague Blue (medium), Railings (dark).

* Paintbrush:  The size you choose will determine the size of the brush strokes. I used a 1/2 watercolor brush. There are some great options here.

* White Wrapping Paper: I love this one from Paper Source.

* 3 Spray Bottles: (1 for each of your paint colors). I love using these glass bottles, but you can use any type of spray bottle you have around the house!

* Small Cardboard Rectangles: I used a stiff paper that I had in the studio. You can use any cardboard and you can make the rectangles any size – these are what you will use to make your stripes. I made mine 1 1/2 “ wide.

Seasonal Wrapping - Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento Street

Sacramento Street

Style 1: Stripe Pattern

Cut a piece of wrapping paper roughly to the size you will need to wrap your package. Dip the end of your cardboard into one of your paint colors, about 1/2 deep. Then, simply drag the cardboard in a straight line across your paper. Simply repeat with each color. Don’t worry about making the stripes perfect in any way – they look lovely when they’re different depths and aren’t necessarily matching up perfectly. Voila!

Seasonal Wrapping - Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento Street

Style 2: Brush Strokes Pattern

Cut a piece of wrapping paper roughly to the size you will need to wrap your package. Dip your paint brush into your lightest color of paint and make a simple, short vertical brush stroke on the paper. Repeat, leaving a space between your strokes that about the same width as your paint brush. For the next line, make a simple, short horizontal stroke. Repeat as you did with the vertical strokes. Once the paint dries, go back over your brush strokes with the medium color paint. Repeat with your darkest color paint as the top color. It is fine to ‘dab’ each next layer on – you don’t want to cover up the color underneath. This style looks great when it’s not perfect and shows the beauty of each brush stroke.

Seasonal Wrapping - Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento Street

Style 3: Spray Bottle Pattern

Cut a piece of wrapping paper roughly to the size you will need to wrap your package. Fill each of your spray bottle about 1/4 of the way full with a mixture of about half water to half paint. You want the mixture to be opaque, but not too thick to fit through the sprayer. Shake. Spray your paper with a few squirts of your lightest shade of paint water, then move on to the middle shade and finally, the darkest shade.

Seasonal Wrapping - Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento Street

Make sure to let each of your papers dry before you wrap your packages.

Seasonal Wrapping - Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento Street Seasonal Wrapping - Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento Street

Most importantly there is no wrong way to create these wrappings – experiment and have fun!

Wrapping and photos by Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento Street


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Layer It: To The Gym

Layer It : To the Gym | Sacramento Street

Scheduling my weekly workout sessions is something I have to do. It’s good for my mind, body and soul. Even though it’s hard to fit it some weeks, I’ve realized that squeezing in a 30 minute workout can do wonders for my productivity. Lately, I’ve noticed that it helps even more when I’m pregnant. As I near the end of my second trimester I’m finding it important to head to the gym for a prenatal yoga or pilates class – afterwards I feel like a different person. Since I’ve found myself in gym clothes so often I thought I’d pull together a few of my favorite items that I’ve been loving. None are maternity, I’ve just been buying larger sizes. I hope this inspires you to get out and enjoy the gym!

Sacramento Street

1.) Cotton-jersey Oversized Sweatshirt

2.) ‘Live In- Heartbeat’ Capris 

Sacramento Street

3.) Adipure Mesh and Rubber Trainers

4.) ‘Leave It In’ Conditioner (2 oz)

5.) ‘Experia’ Socks

6.) Performance Sports Bra

7.) ‘Meta Silk’ Mini Shampoo

8.) ‘No Friz’ Humidity Blocking Shampoo 

Here are a few more layers I recommend:


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