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Room Anatomy TemplateOne of the areas of my home that is in constant need of an upgrade is my office. As a decorator, my office is often the temporary home of a whole host of items: boxes filled with products to install in my clients home, a plethora of fabric samples, and the occasional can of paint. There are times I’d like to just blow it up and start completely over with a new look. When I had a glimpse at the new HP Spectre Laptop, my mind nearly exploded – this was the inspiration I needed to begin to tackle this project. The touch of copper and sleek lines inspired me into the direction I hoped for in this project.

Room inspiration

Recently, I’ve been attracted to things with a copper flair. I’m not one who would necessarily want copper pots in my kitchen (too much upkeep) but I like a hint of it in décor. Copper has warmth to it and at the same time seems modern and current. I started with a few accessories in my office but I could also see expanding it to more substantial objects too. As with any new idea, I like to start with a mood board that helps me to visualize the spirit of the ideas I have floating around in my head.

The next step is to put together the items that I might include in the room. This room anatomy is how I would build an office with this “hint” of copper. Not over the top, but an elegant touch of copper. What I love the most in this concept is the computer that works so beautifully with the warmth of copper. The new HP Spectre has clean lines, is super thin, and actually draws inspiration from high-end furniture. The computer not only functions flawlessly, but it melds perfectly in a beautifully designed room. Take a look more closely on their ‘Making Of’ video.

Room Anatomy Template


HP Computer | Copper Pot & Succulent | Chair | Desk | Picture Frames | Clock | Task Lamp | Copper Binder Clips | Rug | Trashcan

So now that I’ve conceived the new office, its time to shake it up and improve how it looks and how it functions. This is definitely a project I can get excited about!

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Moodboard Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8  ||  Client Project Image by Caitlin Flemming

I’m Loving . . .

White Kitchen

My dream stove – oh how I can’t wait to eventually get my hands on a fixer upper!


I’m working on a rooftop lounge for a client and this brought me a ton of inspiration for the oasis we are trying to create.

Weekend Wear

This is currently my weekend wear – ripped jeans with a tee. You can’t go wrong.


Bathtub envy. One project I’m working on (currently in demo), we are on the hunt for the perfect bathtub. This one is in serious contention for being the winner.


This entry has me completely smitten – the simplicity, old with new – it’s beautiful.

What are you loving this week?

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Style: The Shift Dress

Style: The Podolls Each season I try to invest in a wardrobe piece that I consider an investment and plan to use for years to come. One place I always turn to are the clothes designed by The Podolls. I was mesmerized when I walked into their shop recently. Their spring season draws inspiration from ropes, knots, weaving and the work of Ruth Asawa. I chose the Shift Dress. I love that the fabric is hand loomed and hand woven on a loom that operates without electrical power. While the process is slow and tedious, that is what creates the irregular texture that makes this piece so perfect. The Shift Dress has simplicity of form and depth of texture that recalls the iconic woven wire sculptures of Asawa.

Style: The Podolls Style: The Podolls What I love about the simple lines in this dress is that not only is it comfortable, but I can dress it up with accessories or slide it on for a quick meeting with a client. It not only feels great since it’s made of a silk/cotton fiber, but it looks great. This is the kind of clothes that I love to invest in. Of course, I couldn’t get out the door without also buying an incredible bucket purse made by The Podolls. It’s the supplest leather and is so comfortable on my shoulder. It’s made locally which also makes it something I can feel good about investing in.

Style: The Podolls Style: The Podolls

Outfit Details

Shift Dress | Purse (call stores for inquiry) | Flats

Head to one of their shops, either in Noe Valley or Burlingame, to see all of their spring collection. Just stepping into the beauty they’ve created, filled me with inspiration!

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

Sacramento Street Smarts: Favorite Accent Chairs


As much as we try not to play favorites in the design world, there’s certain pieces that prove their beauty and value time and time again. And especially when it comes to accent chairs, we have our tried and true picks that always check the form, function, and quality boxes. Here are a few of our favorites that we’ll always keep in our design bank. While some of these are undoubtedly a splurge, we’ve also listed some more affordable imitation pieces below! 



01 (more affordable option here) | 02 | 03

 04 (more affordable option here) | 05 | 06

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Image via Lark & Linen

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