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Layer It: Get Away

Layer It : Get Away | Sacramento Street

Now that Memorial Day is officially over, we can now look forward to the hopeful, sunny, and relaxed season of summer. Here in San Francisco, this is the season of fog so many residents find their summer days out of the city. I love the fog but I have to say, after several days or weeks of gray, I pine for the warmth of sun. We always plan some away time where we can enjoy the sunshine of summer and slower pace of summer. That being said, there are many other signs that I get tickled pink by – incredibly berries and apricots arriving at my local farmers market, and the lighter clothes we can wear – and in the case of San Francisco – layer!

Layer It : Get Away | Sacramento Street

Right now I’m on the search for a new swimsuit. I plan to join a pool in Marin so Jackson and I can enjoy the sunshine that exists across the Golden Gate. What are your essentials for a day in the sun? I’ve compiled a few of my favorites.


I love a comfortable swimsuit as well as some form of a cover up or long dress that can move from the swimming pool to the sidewalks of wherever I find myself. If you plan to be in the sun, I good sunblock as well as a lip balm are a must. But probably the most fun is finding a nice pair of sunglasses as well as a fine pair of sandals. You’re all set – now it’s up to you to enjoy every minute you can outside!


The Basics

1.) Halter Wrap One-Piece Swimsuit

2.) Tassel Scarf Dress

The Layers

3.) Sunscreen Lotion

4.) Ripley Sunglasses

5.) Bobbi Brown Lip Balm

6.) Abbi Slingback Sandle

7.) Straw Mesa Hat



Image from My Domaine Home.

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Weekend Inspiration

QuoteYou’d think it would be time to break out your sandals, but not here in San Francisco. Karl the fog has officially been welcomed back to the city . . . while I don’t mind it at night, I’m craving putting away my boots. Friends, that’s not happening – boots have been on regular rotation.

Memorial Day weekend has always marked the beginning of summer for me . It’s the start of weekend road trips to warm destinations to escape the fog, outdoor gatherings and my birthday (which is a big one this year). I can’t wait to celebrate a long weekend of turning off work and cherishing time with family. With minimal plans, I’m looking forward to the next few days off.

Here are some not to be missed links to read while your kicking back this weekend.

These two playlists from Elise and Sarah have been on regular rotation in the office.

I’m known for wearing my hair back – on a good or bad hair day. I’m giving this loop ponytail a try this weekend.

I’m having major wanderlust to go back to Morocco after seeing Cassandra’s photos.

Looking for recipe ideas for this weekend? Check out these three from Erin, my mouth is watering.

* and a few fun things you may have missed around here this week!

Peony season is in full bloom – Trader Joe’s has them in stock. Check out our post documenting the evolution of the Coral Charm peony.

I shared a few things I’m loving this week.

This has been my uniform this past week as I run around the city.

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I’m Loving . . .

Dining Room

This dining nook has been serious inspiration for a current project I’m working on. Love the neutral colors and minimalism.


I’ve pinned this image multiple times. Don’t you wish you had the space for an entry like this?


My weekend style – casual, comfortable and warm. With our foggy days I’ll be layering up.


I’ve been working on quite a few bathroom projects. This one has always inspired me.


Since I live in a rental I constantly day-dream about what I would do to the kitchen if I could lay my hands on it. This combination of dark uppers with wood cabinets has caught my eye.

What are you loving this week?

Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Blooms in Season: May

Blooms in season : May | Sacramento Street


It’s peonies season- one of my favorite times of year! My instagram has been filled with them and I’m loving it. What some people don’t know is the beauty that evolves as the peony blossom opens up. Natalie and I wanted to document it and share the incredible transformation it makes over a week. Honestly, while doing this I couldn’t decide which stage was my favorite. I love with the Coral Charm peony goes from pink pink to a soft peach. Find out more details about the evolution from Natalie.

Blooms in season : May | Sacramento Street


I can’t believe how much these peonies change color. What makes them do that?


I just love flowers with personalities and the Coral Charm certainly has one. They start off with a vivid color as a way to attract pollinators such as bees. As the flower ages, they don’t have a need to be pollinated as much, and stop using their energy to produce the color.



Can you time their process? How do you prepare for their color change?


Personally, I love the color that they become more than the color they start as, and the waiting process is part of the beauty of the experience. If we have an event where we want to use the softer yellowish color, we buy the flowers almost five days in advance. It’s a very tricky dance and sometimes it works out great and sometimes the color just does not do what we want on the exact day. It’s a lesson in controlling nature.


Do you have any tips on getting peonies to open? Sometimes they are in such tight balls when I get them at the store.


Some peonies open more quickly than others. If you gently squeeze them, and they feel rock hard, they will take a long time to open. Some that are very small and tight, may not ever open. If they have a little give to them, you know that they will be opening in the next day or so. Peonies will open faster in warm water and if they are in a warm room. In a pinch, we have put them in front of a heater to get them to open. You can even gently peal the surrounding exterior petals off to help release the inner petals. In a single bunch you will have each bloom open at a different pace, as  they are all at different stages of development.


Blooms in season : May | Sacramento StreetBlooms in season : May | Sacramento StreetBlooms in season : May | Sacramento Street


Check back next month for another beautiful post by Natalie. She’s constantly inspiring me to bring blooms into my home.

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Heather Day for Sacramento Street.

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Layer It: Urban Attire

Layer It : Urban Attire | Sacramento Street


There is something about city living that is rewarding – you have everything at your fingertips. One thing that I love most is being able to walk everywhere. It’s honestly the best part of living in a walkable city.

Layer It : Urban Attire | Sacramento Street


With that being said, I’ve learned over the years how to dress for it. There are two things to remember  – 1.) layers and 2.) comfy shoes. The last thing you want are blisters. This is my ideal ensemble for being out and about.

The Basics

1.) Oslo Mid Rise Slim Jeans

2.) Carrie Cami

The Layers

3.) Classic Sheffield Leather Strap

4.) Button Fastening Crepe Top

5.) Medium Mab Saffiano Leather Tote

6.) Yvette Grey Crystal Sun Glasses

7.) Superstar Sneaker

Image Source

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