Wednesday Wedding Update: Shoes

Finding wedding shoes was a bit of challenge for me as there were three important factors I had to think consider; comfort, a low heel and of course I wanted them to be cute.

The search was on and I knew finding comfort would be easy, but finding non-sky high heels was a different challenge. I needed low heels not only to stand up straight (I’m 5’10) but also because my fiancé is a tad shorter than me. After searching the internet I finally found the perfect pair last June, but about a week after placing the order I got a sad email…the shoes were back ordered! The email said they expected the shoes to be available in November. Well ladies and gents, last week I received my Kate Spade wedding shoes and I couldn’t be happier! They’re comfy and chic. Good thing they came before my dress fitting in December!

{photo from Kate Spade}


  1. Kristi Stevens

    I can't wait to see the dress… or will that be a secret?

  2. sacramentostreet

    The dress is a secret because my fiancé comes onto the blog. One thing I can share with you is that it's made by a designer in Portland, OR and it's very unique.

    Wish I could share it with you but you'll just have to wait until I post wedding photos.

  3. Kristi Stevens

    I thought that might be the case. That's okay. I'm sure the wedding photographs are going to be worth the wait!

  4. Kristi Stevens

    Are you getting married in Portland? I'm going to be in a wedding in Portland on January 1st – I think I'm too old to be a bridesmaid, but I'm not in charge (ie I'm not the bride).

  5. sacramentostreet

    No, I'm from Portland but since we live in SF we're getting married up in Napa.

    How fun that you'll be up in Portland. Let me know if you want any restaurant recommendations.

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