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Happy New Years Eve!

What I love about NYE is that you can do something different every year. One year you can go up to the mountain and sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate and/or champagne, the next year you can host a party (like I am doing this year) and invite all of your friends, or you can just stay home and enjoy some much needed R&R. This year I’ll be putting on my heels and heading out with a bunch of friends. I don’t think I’ve dressed up this much for NYE in a long long time. How are all of you celebrating New Year’s Eve this year?

I want to thank all of my family, my friends, my readers, my fellow bloggers, and most importantly to all of you who have shown me their support since I started my blog this year.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2010!

{photo courtesy of Plush Palate via Julia}
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A Pop of Color: Atlanta Loft

Before 2010 begins I thought I’d do a post a little different from what I usually post. One of my good friends that works at City Search sent me an email telling me I had to look at how a co-worker of hers in Atlanta decorated HIS condo. Yes, a man and his loft is decorated in a hip, vibrant and modern way. I think every man should take a few pointers from this condo.

Meet Jonathan Baker, a man that not only knows all of the best places to go in Atlanta, but gets to come home to his bold and beautiful loft.

He mixes old and new furniture to get more unique interior style. Plus vibrant colors that bounce off each other and give the loft a fun feeling. I love the way he put in a vintage Wurlitzer organ, talk about creative.

Jonathan’s decor in the open living room is a mix of all sorts of price points. His favorite price point – FREE – is present in the form of the enormous black and white promotional vinyl print of Jonathan from a magazine event. He definitely knows how to score some deals. The reproduction Wassily chairs he scored at a local warehouse sale and he waited months for this Create & Barrel couch to hit craigslist.

I’d kill to have a commute like Jonathan’s. It’s only an 11-foot commute and from the looks of it, who wouldn’t have fun working in this environment? I love the way the tangerine Eiffel chair by Eames and the lime Series 7 chair play off the wall colors. It ties everything together, but not in a matchy way.

Can you believe this bedroom has no windows? Well believe it. He painted the walls with an electric tone from Porter’s “Aloe Vera,” which doesn’t seem to look that vibrant to me, especially next to the red and blue bedding he chose.

I think Jonathan has a talent in him (other than knowing the best places to eat, drink and shop in Atlanta). I think we’ll be seeing more of his interior talents in the future. It just goes to show you, men can decorate!

{photo’s courtesy of Decor Demon}
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Wedding Wednesday Update: Bridesmaid Dresses Arrived

This weekend I’ll be heading to Bella Bridesmaid with my maid of honor and one of my bridesmaids to try on their Lela Rose bridesmaid dresses that finally arrived. I’ve been excited about seeing them in the ivory and mint green I chose.

I know all of my bridesmaids are excited about getting the dresses. A little too excited. I’m just hoping none of them wear the dress before the big day (yes B, don’t do it!).

While 2009 has been a busy year filled with planning the wedding, it’s been a great experience. I can’t believe everything I’ve done for the wedding this past year. I’m excited to share the last three months of updates with you. The wedding is quickly approaching. I’m astonished at how fast this past year of being engaged has gone by, but I’m looking forward to being married in 2010.

{photo courtesy of mary ruffle}
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Tre Cute

My favorite Aunt sent me this photo the other day and in the subject line she wrote “visions of the future” oh my!

This little girl looks exactly like me when I was a little girl. The round face, the wavy curl and the look I always gave my parents when they took photos of me.

Thanks Aunt Patricia for this adorable photo, I couldn’t resist posting it.

{photo unknown}
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10 Things That Make Me Happy: Dress, Design & Decor

I’ve been excited about coming back from the holiday’s (crazy, right?) so that I could share this fabulous guest post by Daniella from Dress, Design & Decor. When I first started following Daniella’s blog, I loved one of the sentences in her profile “I believe that style and design goes hand in hand.” Who wouldn’t agree with her? I totally agree and now I can’t go more than a day without reading her inspiring blog. Thank you so much Daniella for taking the time to come to Sacramento Street today. I’m honored to have you here.


Hi everyone! Daniella here from Dress, Design & Decor and I’m excited to be posting 10 Things That Make Me Happy today. Thanks so much to Caitlin for including me! Hopefully you see something here that you like too…

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