New Beginnings in 2010

In 2010 it’s all about new beginnings for me. Why you might ask? I’ll be getting married in April and changing my name, yes that mean’s no more Goebel. I’m excited for the journey into a new me.
With 2010 in full swing I feel like I should divulge some of the many goals on my new years resolution list:
* Clean out every closet in our apartment before we get married.
* Buy a new mattress (ours is 15 years old), I think it’s about time.
* Stay calm during these months before the wedding (aka, not freak outs).
*Get my apartment photographed and published for a blog or publication.
* Let Eric plan the honeymoon, not me.
* Buy a camera (either Nikon or Canon) to document the coming months festivities.
* Start working on getting Sponsors for Sacramento Street.
* Travel somewhere out of the country.
* Finish working on my very first interior design job. Then start building up more clients.

This weekend Eric and I checked one of these resolutions off my list. We cleaned every closet, cabinet, and drawer in our apartment. Although it took a LONG time organizing everything, it now feels amazing having everything so tidy. We even went out and go a new West Elm Parsons desk for me.

By doing a little organizing it definitely feels like a fresh start to the new year.

{photo’s courtesy of Plush Palate via Lili Diallo}


  1. Vitania

    Wow – that is a great list ! Congrats on the upcoming wedding. I have a great camera – Canon Rebel XSi – and it takes great pics and has all the function of professional..

    Enjoy every moment of these months, they will be embedded in your mind make light of the things that don't go exactly as you planned.. and have fun.

    All the best for 2010!

  2. Caitlin @ Sacramento Street

    Thanks for the camera recommendation. I think it'll be something both Eric and I will enjoy having for the wedding and honeymoon.

    The past year has already been amazing. I know these next three months are going to go by fast. I'll definitely have fun. I promise!

  3. Crystal @ Plush Palate

    Fantastic list Caitlin! I am hoping for lots of calm as you finish final details on your wedding!

    And once you get your apartment photographed, I'd be HONORED to publish it on my blog 🙂 The invite is always open 🙂


  4. Caitlin @ Sacramento Street

    Crystal, you made my day! I'll keep you posted on it's progress. Wish my landlord work let me paint my apartment but I'll just have to stick with the light yellow.

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face 🙂


  5. Jane Flanagan

    Great resolutions! I look forward to following you as you check every last one off the list!

  6. Daniella

    I would so love to buy a new matress as well! lol… Great list, and lucky you with the new desk.. i've been eyeing those for a little while now too!

  7. {lovely little things}

    Great resolutions!
    2009 was my year for a new camera, I opted for the Canon and love it.
    Congrats about the upcoming wedding, so exciting!

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