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Happy {Longing for Spring} Weekend

This weekend is all about staying dry from the rain, having dinners with good friends, writing our ceremony, and hopefully experiencing the joy of things slowing down a little bit. I know one thing for sure – I want to fill the house with flowers, that way spring won’t feel nearly as far away . . .

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Have a beautiful, beautiful weekend, everyone!

xo, Caitlin

{photo’s courtesy of 1. this is glamorous via house beautiful 2. this is glamorous via flickr}

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I’m Loving . . . Origami Invitations

I just came across these DIY origami heart engagement party invitations last night by Amy on Eat Drink Chic. She created these to send out to her wedding guests. If I could do it all over again, I would definitely take the time to put these together. They are incredibly cute!

Although it takes a lot of time printing, cutting, folding, sewing, stuffing, addressing and stamping. It’s totally worth it in the end.
You can read more about these origami heart invitations here. Download the template to create a love note to someone special.

Hope you enjoy these cuties as much as I do.

{photo’s courtesy of Eat Drink Chic}
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Wednesday Wedding: Island Inspiration

When I thought Spring had arrived in San Francisco, the weather turned from beautiful blue skies to dark, cloudy and rainy. The only thing putting a smile on my face right now is the thought of being on my honeymoon in less than six weeks.

When I came across these beautiful seaside dreams feature that This Is Glamorous put together, it instantly made me think about how I will be sitting on the beaches of Kauai very, very soon.

I’ve been searching far and wide for a beautiful vacation wardrobe. I’ve succeeded in finding fabulous bathing suits, dresses and the perfect hat. But a girl always needs a few more things to put in her suitcase.
If you have any suggestions for last minute items I should be packing for my honeymoon, I would LOVE your recommendations!

Next week I’ll give you a little sneak peek at the amazing house we rented.

{photo’s courtesy of a glamorous little side project via Carter Smith}
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Thompson Sisters: Antonia

Antonia’s condo is the complete opposite of her sister Victoria’s. Her decor aesthetic consists of mixing vintage and modern. She also has a mixture of high and low end decor. In Lonny, they best describe it as a bit of “hodgepodge” because she tends to decorate-as-she goes.

I can relate to how Antonia decorated her condo because that is exactly how I learned how to decorate from my
Mom. Just start collecting what you love and eventually you’ll figure out how to put it all together.

The mix of modern and vintage in the living/dining room works perfectly together. I’m still amazed that Antonia was able to decorate most of her condo by shopping on eBay. Wish I was eBay savvy, but I haven’t mastered it quite yet. It’s definitely on my “things to learn” because the pieces she found are fabulous.

Almost anybody will kill to have a fireplace, but to have one this gorgeous is something I’m completely envious of.

Simple but chic, that’s all you need to have a great looking bar.

Anything in Hermes orange adds just the right pop of color to any home. But filled with jewelry like this is just down right amazing.

All of you know I have a love for desks and this one is perfectly put together. It’s clean, sleek and minimal, which makes me love it even more.

I hope you enjoyed looking at both Victoria and Antonia’s beautiful condos. They are so different, but both condo’s brought me inspiration in different ways. I hope they brought you a little inspiration as well.

{photo’s courtesy of Lonny Magazine}
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