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Thompson Sisters: Victoria

When I’m looking for a little inspiration I’m usually attracted to things I don’t normally go for. Weird right? When I was thumbing (clicking, I like to think that it’s printed magazine) through Lonny’s third issue, I was drawn to the Thompson sister’s apartments. They are world’s apart in terms of design, yet Antonia and Victoria live in the same building.

Victoria’s inspiration comes from the 50s and 60s. Her apartment is filled with bright patterns, Lucite, and lots of texture. If feels as though you should be in Palm Beach, not New York.

What I’m drawn to the most is the color palette. The turquoise and chartreuse are refreshing.
One thing that Lonny Magazine does a fabulous job at is featuring bars. Since they started I’ve been wanting one in my apartment. Once I move into a bigger apartment I hope to have a bar just like the one above. My favorite part is the apple, it’s perfectly placed.
I’ve been inspired by the way people display their jewelry. I think putting the jewels you wear the most on a tray is the perfect way to have them on a dresser. That way you can quickly put the last touches of your outfit on in the morning.
Ok, I’m a HUGE tray lover. Probably because when you put items on trays it makes a room feel more organized. More importantly, I’ve been trying to find a heart-shaped bowl (like the one above). Does anyone know where it’s from?
What an amazing desk. Other than the fact that everything is perfectly placed, the desk itself is great. I think anyone would love a desk that has a place to store magazines. I know I do.

Some of Victoria’s favorite places: Apartment 48, Global Table, and Haus Interior in New York. Cashmere Buffalo and C. Bell in West Palm Beach.

Later today, I’ll be posting on Antonia’s apartment.

{photo’s courtesy of Lonny Magazine}
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10 Things That Make Me Happy: Habitually Chic

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.

Today, I’m excited to have the one and only Heather from Habitually Chic blogging about what makes her happy. I was waiting with baited breath for her picks because I knew they would fill me with inspiration. When they arrived in my inbox I was even more excited about what came in. Her bookshelf is a library of inspiration, her perfume selection is divine and the shoes, well you’ll just have to look at them below.

Heather is a interior designer working in New York City. One of her most recent projects was on a Bachelor Pad, which turned out amazing. I hope she starts to feature more of her client projects because she does a phenomenal job with each and every interior design job she works on.

Thank you Heather for blogging here today, I couldn’t be more flattered.

Books – My bookshelves are overflowing but I can’t resist buying more art and design books. I find them so inspiring!

Art – I have a degree in art history so art is important to me personally and in my work. I don’t think any project looks finished until the art is hung. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. I’ve found some great paintings and watercolors on eBay!

Spring – I love autumn too but there is nothing better than seeing all the trees and flowers in bloom after I long cold winter! The tulips along Park Avenue make me happy every April!

Mario Badescu Facials – Not only are Mario Badescu facials wonderful but they are reasonably priced! They also sell amazing products. Martha Stewart is also a devotee so you know it’s a good thing! (Mario Badescu website)

Le Labo Perfume – Since I started wearing Le Labo Santal perfume last summer, I’ve had so many people ask me what I am wearing or tell me that I smell good. It’s a unique and interesting scent that isn’t too strong or cloying.

Traveling – I used to travel a lot but it’s hard to make the time to getaway when you are working for yourself. I plan to stop feeling guilty and get away more since I find traveling so inspiring and refreshing!

Shoes – Like any woman, I love beautiful shoes and I’ve been lucky to find a lot of great pairs on sale in New York including my favorite Roger Vivier sandals.

Dog Walkers – I love dogs but don’t have one yet so there is nothing I love more than seeing a cute pack of pooches being walking down the street by a dog walker. They always make me smile!

Orange – orange is my favorite color and always makes me happy, especially when it’s the color of cute classic cars!

Top Interior Designers – I am very lucky to live in New York where I can meet other interior designers and often run into them while shopping. I am inspired by those who have come before me such as Todd Romano, Steven Gambrel and Charlotte Moss and greatly admire their hard work and creativity!
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Happy {Spring Blossoms} Weekend!

Spring has sprung here in San Francisco. The cherry blossoms are blooming, berries are starting to appear at the grocery store and days are slowly getting warmer.

Hopefully this weekend I can take advantage of my unplanned days with a trip to the farmers market, cooking some new recipes, enjoying long walks around the city and of course sleeping in on Sunday morning.

I hope all of you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by this week.

xo, Caitlin
{image courtesy of Peonies and Polaroids}
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