Wednesday Wedding: Island Inspiration

When I thought Spring had arrived in San Francisco, the weather turned from beautiful blue skies to dark, cloudy and rainy. The only thing putting a smile on my face right now is the thought of being on my honeymoon in less than six weeks.

When I came across these beautiful seaside dreams feature that This Is Glamorous put together, it instantly made me think about how I will be sitting on the beaches of Kauai very, very soon.

I’ve been searching far and wide for a beautiful vacation wardrobe. I’ve succeeded in finding fabulous bathing suits, dresses and the perfect hat. But a girl always needs a few more things to put in her suitcase.
If you have any suggestions for last minute items I should be packing for my honeymoon, I would LOVE your recommendations!

Next week I’ll give you a little sneak peek at the amazing house we rented.

{photo’s courtesy of a glamorous little side project via Carter Smith}


  1. Sarah M

    These images are so absolutely gorgeous! It's surely going to be a beautiful honeymoon as well!

  2. tenacioustextiles

    You're getting married so soon! Congratulations! You'll love Kauai. We have family reunions there at poipu. You're going to have so much fun!

  3. Apt. #34

    wow, great minds think alike. Check out my post today!

  4. bazaarofserendipity

    Such beautiful serene colors! gorgeous!

  5. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    I love this photoshoot! you are a lucky lady going honeymooning soon 🙂

  6. sara

    Oh Kauai has my heart! It's so lovely, and the roosters, wait until you see them. Pack an extra big towel that you an lounge on sandy beaches with.

  7. Caitlin @ Sacramento Street

    Thanks for all of the lovely comments. I'm counting down the days until we leave 🙂

    Apt #34: Great minds DO think alike!

  8. ashlina

    hello caitlin….
    what a lovely blog! we are like minded girls.
    i absolutely love all of the inspiration. especially this post!


  9. Virginia

    Congratulations! Your Big Day is coming… I wish you a fabulous honeymoon!
    Don’t bother what you are going to need there… I am sure you will have all that counts with you!!!

  10. Sarah Klassen

    I bet you can't wait to go!

    I adore these images — they're so rich in color and so beautiful…

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