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happy friday + MAY DAY!

May Day has been one of my favorite days of the year since I could walk. When I was little I used to put together bouquets of flowers for neighbors. Making each one perfect . . . those memories are so vivid. Now that I’m older I try to fill my apartment with lilacs, peonies and other flowers that jumps out at me. So, enjoy your weekend lovelies, and if you get a chance be sure to get a bouquet of flowers to celebrate May Day with me.

xo, Caitlin

p.s. Next week I’ll post a few of our wedding photos. We’ve only received a handful so far, but we should be getting all of them in two weeks. Thanks for the continued support. I know all of you have been wanting to see them :)
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sparkling chandeliers

Sometimes I need a little sparkle in my life and after a long week of work, I definitely need it. These chandelier images have been piling up in my inspiration folder – this is the perfect opportunity to showcase them. Lighting is one of the last things I think about when I’m decorating a room, I’m not sure why, and I would like that to change because lighting is incredibly important in a room. It’s something I’m constantly inspired by. A chandelier however makes a room glow, and that’s something I love.

{photo’s courtesy of 1. unknown (anyone know?) 2. lonny 3-4. beautiful things to share)
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tranquility + simplicity

Last night while I was organizing my apartment (it’s out of control right now) all I wanted to do was blink my eyes and have everything magically fit into our cabinets. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, but in due time we’ll get our apartment in order.

This tranquil home put me at ease last night. Envisioning a clean, crisp and simple look is just want I’m in the mood for. That’s just what I’m going to try to achieve this summer when I’m re-decorating our little abode. Everything about this home screams comfort, which brings a smile to my face.

{photo’s courtesy of
automatism via sköna hem}
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lazy days + refreshing sunlight

I have found myself re-living the past two weeks I spent reading books and taking naps. Being home makes me long for those days, but it’s nice to be home. Spring brings in bursts of light into our apartment, which makes me crave bright crisp whites. With white on my mind, I’ve decided that after living in my apartment for four years, it’s FINALLY time to paint the walls. Goodbye light yellow (it was freshly painted when I moved in) and hello white walls. In the next few weeks, I’ll be searching far and wide for the perfect white paint. I’d love any suggestions you have that would go well with linen and browns. So, what’s your favorite white paint? I’m so excited for my new project!

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10 Things That Make Me Happy: Destined to Design

Happy Tuesday! I’m excited to be bringing back 10 Things That Make Me Happy after three weeks away, and there couldn’t be anyone better than the wonderful Jessica from Destined to Design to kick it off.

Destined to Design is one of my all time favorites. I discovered it this past Fall and now don’t go a day without checking for one of Jessica’s fabulous posts. My weekly favorite are her “for the record” guest posts. Through these posts I’ve learned so much about fellow bloggers that I admire.

By day Jessica is an interior designer living and working in Los Angeles with an affinity for all things well-designed. You can definitely tell by the exquisite blog posts she puts together.

Thank you Jessica for guest blogging here today. I know everyone is going to be inspired by your post!


I’m so excited that Caitlin has asked me to guest blog here today. I always loved reading the 10 Things that Make Me Happy columns in Domino, so I love her take on this idea. While it was awfully hard to narrow down my ever-expanding list of ‘I Love It’s’ to ten, I leave you with a highlight of things I am currently coveting or can’t live without. I hope they bring a bit of inspiration to your day, as they do mine.
1. Anything and everything designed by Jacques Adnet – namely his leatherwork with white stitching. It’s timeless. Price: $2,500
2. Riding Boots – I recently bought my first pair from Banana Republic and have yet to take them off. Since then I’ve bookmarked at least five other pairs and have come dangerously close to purchasing them all. They look good with everything – jeans tucked in, skirts and tights, dresses – they’re foolproof. Find boots here. Price: $129.99

3. Hermes Orange – Lately it’s been my favorite accent for interiors and fashion. Especially when paired with grey tones, it’s a surefire way to punch things up. For interiors, I love a cashmere throw draped over the back of a sofa. And for fashion, I love an orange handbag (Price: $1,950) with a completely monochromatic ensemble.
4. Glass Beverage Bottles – It’s a bit of an unnecessary indulgence, but I love setting a table with a glass bottle filled with chilled water for guests to pour from. It makes me feel like I’m in an Italian cafe. I bought mine at a restaurant surplus store for super cheap. Find them here (They apparently stopped carrying them at DWR.)
5. Pashminas – Though not intentionally, my wardrobe consists of mainly black, and having one of these in every color is the easiest way to spice up an outfit. Find pashminas here. Price: $18.00

6. Striped Shirts – Maybe it’s the fact that I secretly wish I were an artsy Parisian girl traveling around Montmarte with my Moleskine and pencil in tow, but I find myself endlessly drawn anything with black (or navy, or red) and white horizontal stripes, namely sweaters. They’re just so effortless and classic. Price: $39.50
7. Moleskine Notebooks – I find that even though we’ve come so far with cell phones and applications that do it all for you, I always reach for my little black notebook when I want to jot things down to remember or make a to-do list. I think it’s the satisfaction that comes with crossing something off when it’s done. Price: $10.95

8. Nancy Meyers’ films – Whenever I’m feeling down or the weather is gloomy, I pop in one of her movies and instantly feel good. I could (and have) watched each of them dozens of times, and they never seem to get old. They make me want to transport myself into the lifestyles and settings she creates. Price: $14.94

9. Ray Bans Clubmasters – The only pair of “designer” sunglasses I’ve ever splurged on, and totally worth every penny. Kind of going along with my affinity for striped shirts, these glasses always look sharp and make me feel a bit Parisian. Price: $128.95

10. iPhone – Cliche as it may sound, this little device can change your life. I’ve never been bored waiting in line anywhere – there’s always something to see, do, research, photograph, and be entertained by. The apps are endless, and the ultimate boredom buster. My current favorites are Feather Report , and Font Game. Price: $99-$199

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