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Hello luvies! I’ve missed all of you so much over the past three weeks.

I don’t know how to describe how perfect our wedding day turned out. Eric and I are still glowing from our wedding day. It was truly a beautiful, joyous and heart-warming day. I can’t wait to share photos with you. We’ve only received six so far as a preview. I’m dying to share them, but I’m hoping that we get more in the next couples days.

After our Napa wedding, we got on a plane to Kauai. Let me just tell you, I couldn’t imagine having a better honeymoon than we did. It was relaxing, adventurous and incredibly fun! I’ll be putting together a whole post about the favorite little hideaway spots we found around the island.

Lastly, I’d like to say thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL of the amazingly talented bloggers who filled Sacramento Street while I was gone for three weeks.

Cassandra – coco + kelley

Paloma – La Dolce Vita

Erin – Apartment #34

Kelley – Mrs. Lilien

Anne – The City Sage

Daniella – dress, design, décor

Julie – CreateGirl

Crystal – Plush Palate

Melissa – Ruby Press

Lori – automatism

Jennifer – Bits of Beauty

Victoria – sfgirlbybay

Without you wonderful ladies I don’t know what I would have done. All of your posts were truly inspiring!

It’s nice to be home and I can’t wait to get back into blogging. Keep a look out for our wedding photos, Kauai details and daily inspiration.

xoxo, Mrs. Caitlin

{photos courtesy of definitely golden}

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Inspiring Home Décor: sfgirlbybay

hello sacramento street readers! i’m victoria smith of sfgirlbybay, and i’m very happy to filling in for caitlin whilst she’s off get married and enjoying her honeymoon! today, i like to offer you some eclectic design inspiration and ideas, that also encourage individuality and unique, personal style, because let’s face it, your home should be a direct reflection of you.

i hope my home does that, and i am constantly changing it up to suit my moods and changing tastes, but no matter what this room looks like, i usually find myself drawn to hanging out in my living room. the bay windows bring in an amazing abundance of light and lovely views of the city’s victorian landscape. and, i quite like cozying up and reading or blogging on my laptop with a warm fire going in the unusual copper-faced fireplace.

i keep my decor palette and main furnishings white, and then as the seasons, or my tastes change, i find the white easily interchangeable with accessories, pillows, throws, and artwork in any color scheme that’s currently grabbing my attention. i mix up basic white pieces with mid-century modern, vintage, and a bit of what i like to call ‘industrial chic’ pieces in metal and natural woods – mostly scoured from the flea market. and while the white sofa may not seem practical, it is slip-covered (from room & board), so when it soils, i just toss the slip covers in the wash and they come out like new. thanks for allowing me to share one of my favorites spaces with you today! i hope you’ve found some fresh ideas.


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Inspiring Home Décor: Bits of Beauty

Hi all! Ms. Jenn from {Bits of Beauty} filling in for Caitlin. Ms. Caitlin is about to become a Mrs. Caitlin, so she’s asked a few of us girls to share our favorite rooms with you. Each of my rooms has a definite mood. I’m big on color; I like to be transported or immersed in a style when I enter a room, so color is a must.

My bathroom has to be one of my favorites. It’s a glamourfest, with bits of Marilyn and Agent Provocateur for inspiration {both make appearances in the decor.} The bathroom is the first place I go in the morning and the last place I visit before bed.

Being that pink is said to be the most flattering backdrop, and having all the sexy, girlish references throughout make me feel like a million bucks at two of the most unflattering times of day.

How can I not love it? It’s not quite finished, though. I’d still like to add drapes to the glass shower {or for something a bit cheekier, black silhouettes of bombshell bodies} and chandeliers.
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Inspiring Home Décor: automatism

Hello, Lori of automatism here today, filling in for Caitlin while she’s off happily honeymooning! Caitlin asked me to share with you my favourite room in my home — and as my home is a tiny one, I’d say it would be my main living area.

Since it’s a multipurpose sort of space, when it comes to decor I keep things fairly light and neutral, as anything more dramatic in the way of colour or accessories quickly makes it visually overwhelming. I find that my books (of which I’ve accumulated rather a lot) do in fact provide a lot of colour and interest to my space, and help keep things from getting too bland. In terms of inspiration, my influences are the elegant clean lines of midcentury modern furniture, loft spaces, modern French interiors, the beautiful simplicity of Scandinavian design and traditional artist ateliers, too. That’s me in my living room, photographed by my good friend Martin Lipman — and here are some of the looks that I found inspiring for my own home, too.

This beautiful French loft has a wonderfully serene atmosphere, but it’s a sociable space, too. photo link: here

These lovely eclectic midcentury modern dining chairs are as much sculpture as seating — and the lamp is wonderful, too. photo link: here

Frédéric Méchiche’s gorgeous Paris apartment, which is as much an artist’s atelier in approach as it is a living space. photo link: here

Another part of Frédéric Méchiche’s apartment, showing his fantastic personal library — books are an important part of an interior for me, too. photo link: here

A fantastic loft in Zurich, filled with fascinating angles and a bit of colour, too. photo link: here
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Inspiring Home Décor: Ruby Press

I spend the most time in my living room when I’m home, so it’s all about comfort to me (and to my husband Sam and our two dogs, Huck and Lulu). I think the room is cozy and comfortable and probably one of the most masculine spaces I’ve ever created. The color palette is a mix of chocolate brown, lemon yellow and moss green and the style is a mix of vintage (old maps, vintage calligraphy, antique horse prints) with more modern shapes (Lucite trays, modern lamp, etc.). The Ruby Press office is completely different- very light, airy and full of girly touches. I think having that juxtaposition in my day is quite nice!

I’ve never created or decorated a room after another room I’ve seen, it’s a much more gradual process and it’s always evolving. That being said, these are images that inspire me and the evolution of our living room.

Scott Hill’s historically referenced prints and store in NYC’s East Village, Old Village Hall

John Derian’s prints, always, always….(I have a collection of his plates on one of the walls!)

The Hollister Hovey Blog… (image from Hollister Hovey Blog)

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