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sparkling chandeliers

Sometimes I need a little sparkle in my life and after a long week of work, I definitely need it. These chandelier images have been piling up in my inspiration folder – this is the perfect opportunity to showcase them. Lighting is one of the last things I think about when I’m decorating a room, I’m not sure why, and I would like that to change because lighting is incredibly important in a room. It’s something I’m constantly inspired by. A chandelier however makes a room glow, and that’s something I love.

{photo’s courtesy of 1. unknown (anyone know?) 2. lonny 3-4. beautiful things to share)

11 responses to sparkling chandeliers

  • Debby Lee says:

    I hear you… I can never get enough chandeliers! The perfect accessory! xo

  • Laura says:

    I just posted about how I'm dying for a chandelier–but one of the kitschy spray painted black or cobalt blur ones–if only my roommate (boyf) would agree! Sigh.

  • Daniella says:

    Beautiful! I think the first might be Sarah's (Klassen) scan… Chandeliers make all the difference!

  • Olivia says:

    there is just something about them!! So elegant.

  • Amanda* says:

    This is a great way to spice up a boring room!

  • Liz says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! But…. When do we get to see wedding stuff?! :)

  • Alely L. says:

    i so love chandeliers! i think i'm obsessed with them. everytime i see one i take a picture. my family thinks i'm crazy!

  • CECELIA says:

    lighting seriously does make a room. i never thought a second about lighting when i was in design school, but now its totally the first element of my design process. you have to check out brand van egmond [life changing] and if you love crystal fixtures look at currey and company.

    have a super weekend!!

  • keely @ luxe + lillies says:

    These are SO gorgeous. The perfect piece to finish off any space!

  • Echo says:

    Hello! Just wanted to say that your blog is completely wonderful!


  • Sarah Klassen says:

    Lovely chandelier's, Caitlin! They just add so much to a space…The first is from my blog — but no worries in the least :)


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