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refreshing sunlight . . .

I love this time of year. When the sun is shining, temperatures are rising (only happening outside SF), birds are chirping and everyone you pass on the street has a smile on their face. We’re been getting a few sun filled days, but I’m waiting with baited breath until this rain leaves for good. I can handle the fog, but rain is NOT ok. Bring on the sun gods – we need a little ray of sunshine and some vitamin D!

Don’t you just love how the sun beams into every photo? It’s what I love about each one of these images.

Also, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

10 responses to refreshing sunlight . . .

  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar says:

    Oh my, I am dreaming right now. Love this post. Beautiful.

  • Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ says:

    it was HOT here yesterday (jersey) – but now cooler today and 'wierd' gloomy out .. looks like it's gonna storm – my TV room in my parents house is actually yellow – always brightens the mood!

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  • Tanya (a Taste of T) says:

    Yes! I love these photos. So bright.

  • ♥Simply Seductive says:

    a beautiful post… thanks for the link love!

  • Jenny says:

    I love those pictures. They're so shiny and pretty 😀

  • Carpe Diem says:

    Natural light has the potential to make everything even better…love it.

  • Cristin says:

    It is supposed to be sunny this weekend! yippee and about time.


  • Laurel says:

    What a sunny post- I love it! The sun is coming soon I hear. Pounded today :( hard to deal with this time of year.
    Happy Weekend

  • nyc lu says:

    this is strange, but i've seen photos like this all over the blogs lately. and they all have this chartreuse hue that i am just obsessed with. i love it as an accent color. am i nuts for seeing that?

  • canvas art says:

    Some great inspiration to be had here, thanks.

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