10 Things That Make Me Happy: The Decorista

Happy Monday lovelies! Can you believe it’s going to be July on Thursday? June came and went with a blink of an eye.

Today, I’m excited to have Ashlina from The Decorista blogging here about her favorite
things. Her blog features beautiful homes and spaces. One of my very favorite things is her Six to Bliss Series. If you’ve never checked it out, please do!


Hi all of you beautiful readers of the ‘ever so stylish‘ Sacramento Street blog!

I am extremely honored to be sharing with you and Caitlin, 10 things that make me really really happy.

Like most of you, there are probably a million things I could add to the list, like thai food, blogging, elephants and fur-babies but I narrowed it down to 10. A solid 10 that seem to take up most of my everyday thoughts.

I hope you guys enjoy! xoxo

1. I really hate to say it but my blackberry makes me incredibly happy. Anyone who has one knows just how useful and efficient they are. It keeps me organized and together, such a handy little gadget.

2. Rebecca Minkhoff handbags…she just gets me. Her style is super duper on my level and this particular handbag is one I want to get on board with. I love it.

3. My Missoni beach towel. I love love love it. I love having a towel in my car so I can whip over to the beach and read a book or get some sun. Anything and everything about the ocean makes me happy.

4. Decorating magazines honestly give me instantaneous happiness! I can just devour mags for hours and honestly feel like I have landed in la la land.

5. My Starbucks Venti reusable plastic cup. I am a coffee fanatic AND its only 50 cents to get refills. This kind of discount makes me extremely happy.

6. Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia perfume. So, I don’t wear this scent everyday but I keep it in my cosmetic bag in my purse and if I have had a long day at work or running around LA, I can spritz it on to refresh. The scent of gardenia puts me in an instant good mood and as soon as I put it on the compliments start coming. What is not to love about that!?

7. Sharpies make me happy. I have about a million and I always want more. Is there anything else to say?

8. Gold cross necklaces. I love collecting rosaries and crosses. I wear a gold cross necklace every single day. Everytime I look at it and put it on, it reminds me of my faith and I get an instant smile on my face!

9. Thrift shopping. I am just smitten with scouring thrift and vintage stores for great finds and treasures. I could go thrift shopping anytime. It is a sure fire way to brighten my day.

10. Palm Springs. My home away from home. It’s my bliss. Enough said.


  1. Sam and Livi

    what a lovely happy fun list!! sharpies make me swoon.


  2. Clarissa

    I love your list! Just wondering, what is that starbucks $.50 deal? I've never heard of it.

    Happy blogging! I'm obsessed with your site 🙂

  3. nyc lu

    we have similar tastes! i LOVE that towel, and thrift shopping.. of course! and waitaminute… 50cent refills and that cute little cup? i'm on it.

  4. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    Well of course I love Ashlina's faves, love Sharpies and the Starbucks cup, and Palm Springs, and my… Iphone (but well the same right?) Check check check, fab Ashlina as usual!

  5. SBG

    I love blackberry, starbucks and sharpies!!


  6. Sasha {Everything Fabulous}

    What a great collection Ashlina!! Love it!! Specially the cross necklace..it's funny I stop wearing mine but after reading this..guess what I'll wear tomorrow??

  7. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Such a fab list, Ashlina! Esp. love Starbucks, Decor mags and sharpies!! Plus, even though I've never been, I think I would love Palm Springs, too!! xo

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