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sydney’s tamarama treasure

In my favorite interior design magazine Vogue Living Australia – every home is dream worthy. This one in particular caught my eye and I found myself flipping back to it over and over again. It’s interior designer Sarah Davison home in Sydney that she renovated but kept all of the original details.

When Sarah bought the apartment it hadn’t been touched since the late 1920s but it needed major renovating to make it unique to her match her style. I’m glad she was sensitive to keeping the era and original style of the apartment but made updates that turned it to beauty. The columns, the light fixtures, the furniture are all perfect. Anyone would kill to have a home with architecture like this.

Sarah’s design philosophy, “I aim to create places that have a really strong atmosphere and I achieve this by layering things up, from the layout to the finishes, furniture, and accessories” rings true to my heart – it’s exactly how I think about a space when decorating.

I hope all of you go out and pick up a copy of the latest issue, it’s one you’ll want to archive in your magazine collection.

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sea breeze . . .

Summer has finally officially arrived and instead of being cooped up in an office all day, I’d love to be out on the bay enjoying the sea breeze (except here in the Bay Area I could never wear just a bathing suit or a light cotton dress). I’ve been putting out my cashmere sweaters instead. The fog and bone chilling breeze make for cold summers, but I’m dreaming of warm summer nights to slowly come our way.

{photos: Vogue UK July 2004}
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two guest posts . . .

Today, I had the pleasure of guest blogging on two amazing blogs. Victoria Smith’s, sfgirlbybay was the first stop early this morning where I talked about wishing I could have a lazy Monday morning every week. Le sigh …

Next I blogged on Jessica’s “for the record” Destined to Design series. This is one of my favorite series created by a blogger, you get to know different bloggers you love following. It was so much fun putting together! 

Thank you to both Victoria and Jessica for having me guest blog today, it was an honor!

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10 Things That Make Me Happy: Sterling Style

Happy Monday everyone! I’m excited to be home but had an amazing weekend road tripping from Portland to San Francisco with my Mom. We stopped at all of our favorite places and stayed in Ashland – mainly in order to go to our FAVORITE store, Prize. I got some fabulous new goodies for the house; elephant side table, cards, a baby gift and a tiny vintage brass elephant – yes, I’m obsessed with elephants right now. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Today, I’m excited to have Taylor from Sterling Style guest blogging here today. Taylor  is a recruiting director by day and fashion blogger/stylist/and media girl by night. She is the creator of Sterling Style a fashion and lifestyle blog that offers women fashion, style, shopping and even fitness advice. I’ve got to say, I’m in love with everything that makes her happy. 


I am thrilled to be guest blogging for Sacramento Street. I love stopping by for daily inspirations. Plus, “10 Things That Make Me Happy” is always one of my favorite reads! 

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1. A summer bike to ride down to farmer’s market and stop for an afternoon picnic would make me very happy! I am in love with this soft blue beauty { Public Bikes $890}

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2. There is almost nothing better than waking up to the morning sunlight cascading over a vintage bell jar and blooming pink peonies. Every season when the local stores carry my favorite flower I spend ridiculous amounts of spare change to bring them home and place them in ever room in the house. {set of  three vintage bell jars for $19}

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3. Nothing says french chic like a striped nautical top. Call me obsessed, but I own about 8 of them. The beautiful thing is that they are effortlessly stylish. They are perfect for a day of running around or on a much need vacation. {Calypso St. Barth Trauma Tee $95}

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4. Sunglasses are a very important accessory. Not only to they make you look cool and stylish, but they protect your eyes from sun damage. I have very sensitive light eyes and I wear my sunnies everyday! It is a great excuse to stock up during the summer. My favorites would have to be aviators, {Ray-Ban Mirror Aviators $139}

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5. I am a very lucky girl. I just won an iPad through work. I didn’t even know I was in a drawing for one! Now, that I have one I can’t go without it. There are so many fun games, music, Internet, and it’s great for storing my favorite photos! {iPad $499}

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6. I love a cozy house with candles. I get out a book and snuggle under my favorite blanket and surround myself with flickering candle light.  Diptyque makes amazing smelling candles that last forever. I am smitten with the Opopanax- it smells woodsy with warm vanilla notes. {Diptyque-Opopanax Candle $60}

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7. I rarely leave the house without a watch and when I do I am caught staring at my naked wrist all day. Michael Kors makes the best chunky over-sized watches. They are great for work and translate well into the evening and even on the weekends! I own about four. {Michael Kors Rose Gold watch $250}

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8. A designer handbag is the way to my heart. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love shoes. Every girl loves shoes, but there is something about a new handbag that is like meeting your soul mate! I walk around the malls looking for the perfect new companion and once I do my heart skips a beat. I have never understood those women who run around with just their wallet and keys, where is their soul mate?! Mine is practically glued to my hip. Right now I am coveting the Linea Pelle Dyaln Meduim Tote {via Planter Blue $380}

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9. My two passions are fashion and fitness. I don’t think the two should stand alone. The combination is so important to women in order to feel good about themselves and have confidence. I want to be an example to women and show them that you can be fit and fashionable. You don’t have to be a waif. That is why Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Adidas is one of my favorites. She understands what women want and need and I have an immense amount of respect for her! {Stella McCartney for Adidas}

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10. Love. My name is Taylor and I’m a loveaholic. Waking up every day next to the person who makes me smile, laugh, cry, and sing is the best feeling in the world. I would give up my other 9 things just for love. {not for sale/ image from We Heart It}
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happy early friday

I’m taking off early this week to spend a day in Portland to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. Since I haven’t been home since Christmas (which is very unusual), we’ll be racing around town for all the things we love – breakfast at St. Honoré Boulangerie, picking up magazines at the tobacco store, seeing friends and doing a wee bit of shopping. After our day of fun, we’ll be driving down to San Francisco. It’s something we loving doing because we stop in Ashland for a little treat at our favorite store, Prize.

I’m excited to walk into our apartment Sunday to a fresh coat of harbor gray paint – crossing my fingers the hubby can handle everything while I’m away.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and as usual thank you so much for stopping by this week.

{photo courtesy of dress, design, decor via simple song}
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