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10 Things That Make Me Happy: Deliciously Organized

What a relaxing, but work-filled weekend it was. I got to enjoy time at home, play a softball game with friends (resulting in a burn – tear) and then working all day Sunday. It was a fulfilling weekend and I got everything done that needed to be finished. I hope all of you had lovely weekends as well.

Today I’m excited to have Carlee, one of the Deliciously Organized sisters, guest blogging about her “10 Things.” Carlee moved from San Francisco to Boston in 2009 and started her blog to document her journey while she and her boyfriend (now fiance, congrats Carlee!!!) explore New England. After settling into her new home she molded Deliciously Organized into what it is today and manages it with her sister, Tiffany. What a great story!

Thank you Carlee for guest blogging today, I love every single thing that makes you happy!

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Hi Everyone! This is Carlee from Deliciously Organized. If you haven’t visited before, my sister and I run a blog about everything from organization, to health. I’m so excited to be a part of this series! It was such a joy to make a list of all the things that make me happy, and a nice reminder of what makes me smile in life. Of course like everyone else, it was hard to narrow it down, but here’s what’s been making me happy lately.

1. Fresh Flowers

When I see a vase or jar filled with flowers around the house, I immediately pause and smile. I prefer picking them up for cheap at the farmer’s market. I purchased the bouquet below at the Farmer’s Market this past Friday. I also love that these are from a local organic farm.

2. The visuals at Anthro

Whenever I go into Anthro, I have to do two loops. One to see all the visuals, and one to check out the merchandise. I’m always impressed with what they come up with and find myself snapping a few photographs for inspiration. I love the books stacked every which way, and I adore the layering of the frames.

3. Color

I have a lot of white furniture in my home, so I love bringing in bright colored accessories. And I’m constantly being inspired by a different color combo. Lately I’m digging salmon and lilac. Below are swatches from Martha Stewart’s paint line at Home Depot, aren’t you inspired just looking at them?

4. Seasons

Coming from California to Boston, I’ve felt blessed to experience seasons. After a year and a half in Boston, I’ve decided Fall is my favorite season here. Not too cold, and plenty of apple picking, leaves changing and cider doughnuts to keep everyone happy.

5. Antiquing/Thrifting:

I could spend hours antiquing and thrifting. There’s nothing like that feeling of satisfaction when you find the perfect piece for your home. And it’s always nice to have unique items that look and feel as though they have a story behind them. I spotted this piece piece at the SOWA market a few weeks ago. Love it.

6. Farms

I don’t know what it is about farms, but the second I arrive at them I feel very at ease. Since I’ve been in Boston, I’ve taken advantage of the different types of picking you can do. Recently I went for strawberries and made some delicious strawberry butter.

7. Organic Body Products

As much as I love purchasing body scrubs from my favorite beauty retailers, I still think nothing beats homemade organic products. I smile every time I open up this jar and smell the luscious fragrance from the lavender, coconut and almond oil.

8. Farmer’s Market

I’ve talked about this before on my blog, but I truly love the farmer’s market. Tasting the fresh cheeses, smelling the herbs, and talking to the vendors are just a few of my favorite things about them. I try and buy local and organic, and this is the easiest way.

9. The Outdoors

When I lived in California, I had many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors {especially on Lake Tahoe}. I love hiking and camping, and haven’t done enough of either here in Boston.

10. Organization

I can’t post 10 things that make me happy without throwing this in there. I’m a mover and shaker, always busy, so it rocks to be able to find what I need when I’m in a rush. Being organized most importantly means I have more time to enjoy my friends and family, and of course reading my favorite blogs!

Thanks again Caitlin for having me!
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Design Summer Camp: Tobi Fairley

Today, I’m guest blogging over on the lovely Tobi Fairley’s blog. When I was young I used to go camping all the time with my Dad, but these days I’m thinking it might be more fun to go here.

Thanks Tobi for having all four of us Rue ladies guest blog this week. It was wonderful to be part of your Design Camp series.

*photos: 1. Matt Jones Elle Italia via Dress, Design, Decor
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happy weekend!

This entire week has been busy, busy, busy. I’m ready for some much needed rest and relaxation. All week I’ve been daydreaming of spending my weekend catching up on my stack of magazines that have been building up – I know they are bound to be inspiring.

Spending my days relaxing in bed will transition into gathering all of our friends for afternoon treats and delicious meals. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this kind of setting . . .

There is nothing like a summer party to turn your hectic week upside-down. I hope all of you have a lovely weekend!

xoxo, Caitlin

ps. stay tuned for a special post tomorrow . . .
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Fall Essentials

When I came across this editorial spread in Harper’s Bazaar – I wanted everything; the pants, the toggle jacket, and the stunning handbags. Had to share it with all of you!

{oh via Aline Weber – Harper’s Bazaar US, August 2010}
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A Pop of Color: A Combo

I’ve been craving inspiration with a touch of white, a hint of nude and a pop of caramel. These two images fed my soul when I came across them on escapade. There is no doubt that this is an amazing color combo. I love the warmth of this color.

I’ve been thinking about the color’s I want to transition my wardrobe with from summer to fall and this is exactly the combination I’ve been trying to find. The mix of white, nude, caramel and maybe a little brown will be taking over my closet.

I’ve been coveting these JCrew heels for a long time – luckily they are currently on a truck, train or plane coming my way.

What colors are you going to add to transition your closet from summer to fall?

{photos: escapade}

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