10 Things That Make Me Happy: Greige

The weekend has come and gone in a heart beat. I had a busy and productive weekend – working, helping a friend style looks for her lookbook for Spring, was able to see friends and enjoy a little time at home with Eric. All in all it was a great weekend.

Today, I’m very very excited to have Christina from Greige Design guest blogging here about what makes her happy! She inspires me every single day with amazing images that she fines in all things gray (my favorite color to decorate with). If you haven’t checked out her fabulous blog – click over, your bound to find a wealth of inspiration that will fill your soul.

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Thank you so much to Caitlin for including me in her 10 things that make me happy series… I am so excited to share with all of you! I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 10, but here are my favorites.

1. J. Crew’s fall collection– this leather jacket is to die for… They never fail to impress!

2. Cut flowers are wonderful and as summer fades so does the variety of good flowers here in So. Cal. As it gets so warm here in late summer they are harder and harder to find.

3. Organic bedding a sheeting. I have just ordered my first set of organic linen sheets (a dream I have had for a long time) I am so excited! It is said that they will last a lifetime.

4. Feed Bags. I have 2 different types of these wonderful bags and everyone seems to love them as much as I do. They are a wonderful way to give a little.

5. Burt’s bees lip balm. I have about 10 of these floating around the house, in my purse and in the car. I live for this stuff- in the summer it is a life saver!

6. Amery Carriere handmade jewelry. I fell in love with her pieces at the last LA show and I am addicted! I want more and more. Her stacking ring sets are to die for!

7. Paris. I am dreaming of Paris right now as I try and plan a trip with the girls for the spring.. This is a beautiful image by Chelsea Victoria.

8. Astier de Villatte dishes are my favorite thing to collect. I love their handmade shapes and texture. Simply the best!

9.Tory Burch Miller Sandals. I have been wearing these all summer and I love them! I will hold out until it is just too cold. They are perfect for every outfit!

10. Vintage French Documents. I am obsessed with Vintage documents. I have been framing them for months and using them everywhere I can find!! They are the perfect way to put a unique touch into a space.


  1. A Perfect Gray

    Ima huge fan of Christina's. She has one of the best blogs going…

  2. Christina @ greige and My Sparrow


    Thank you again for having me! Have a wonderful week!


  3. Sarah Jane

    this is a great list!

  4. Lavender and Lilies

    I want those stacking rings. Great list!

  5. White Cabana

    Fabulous list – just like Greige!

  6. Megan

    excited to find this great new blog; love the list too– feed bags are one of my favorites also!!

  7. Sarah Klassen

    what a beautiful post this is! So many lovely things to want… I couldn't agree more about the documents — I purchase postcards, labels, anything vintage or antique that is beautifully composed 🙂


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