10 Things That Make Me Happy: Simply Seductive

Happy Monday from New York City! I’ve had an amazing weekend in NY with the entire Rue Magazine team. We went to the most fabulous dinner party I have EVER been to hosted by the lovely Kelley Moore. We wondered around Chelsea and stumbled into an enormous flea market (jewelry and a cute clutch purchased) and had delicious meals – my favorite being Pastis, it was magical.

Today we’ll be lunching at HGTV with a group of design bloggers and tonight is the Rue launch party! It’s going to be an amazing event and a night I will never forget. The fact that the entire team is together makes it even more special.

Anyway, I’m so excited to have Linda from Simply Seductive. Her blog inspires me each and everyday. She also manages to find images I’ve never laid eyes on, which makes it even more special. Linda is one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve formed a friendship with, she’s has always been great.

Thank you so much Linda for guest blogging here today!

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{Hello, Linda here from
Simply Seductive. I am so honoured to be guest blogging at the ever-inspiring Sacramento Street and to take part in Caitlin’s wonderful series, 10 Things that Make Me Happy. Here they are… Thank you Caitlin for inviting me and for your friendship… Also, congratulations on the excellent premiere issue of Rue!}

{Shoes… love them! Can’t get enough of them! These are from the talented
Reed Krakoff.}

{Warmth. I’m happiest when I’m not cold. During cold weather, I love to read a book with a cashmere throw, travel to some exotic place to sunbath on a white sand beach, take luxurious bubble baths or sit before a roaring fireplace.}

{My 2006 John Cooper Works Mini, 210 HP. I have always coveted the Mini Copper and as soon as a dealer opened in my area, I was first in line to purchase. My first was a gorgeous camel and black colour combination that resembled the classic Chanel flat… I since upgraded to the gray with the white stripes shown in this photograph, so that my husband could also drive it with equal admiration. Love how it goes from 0 to 100km in 6.5 seconds!}

{Gilded furniture. Not to be overdone, a few gilded pieces adds intense interest to any decor.}

{Daydreaming. Daydreaming has always been a favorite past time that instantly picks me up. Image from here.}

{Mauviel 1830 cookware. Recently have taken to cooking since becoming a vegan and have always adored copper cookware. Happily received my first Mauviel 1830 frying pan yesterday in celebration of my recent birthday and can’t wait to begin using it!}

{Family. This young man entered my life six years ago and without a doubt brings me the greatest joy and makes me incredibly and deeply happy. Also love that he even adores brussel sprouts! Photograph taken by me}

{Treasure hunting. Finding wonderful unique items, whether jewelry as in this case, delicate jade earrings found in a wonderful antique shop located in Provincetown, Cape Cod, that matched perfectly with a lovely gold and jade bracelet purchased in Oahu, Hawaii, or a lovely antique beaded clutch… these unexpected little treasures bring me the most happiness. Photograph taken by me.}

{Chanel. All things Chanel makes me EXTREMELY happy. Recently added Gardénia to my Chanel perfume collection. Photograph taken from here. p.s. This perfume can only be purchased from a Chanel boutique.}

{Traveling. Last but not least, traveling brings me immense happiness. I love everything about it. Fortunately, I have traveled to Morocco, Africa, Hawaii, Australia, Cuba, Chili, France (Paris), UK (London), Northwest Territories, Canada and many, many cities in both Canada and the United States of America, such as Boston, Miami, Washington, Vermont, Provincetown, Quebec City, St. John’s, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, but not yet New York… hopefully this fall! Photograph taken by me at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort in Miami.}

{p.s. all images were edited via Poladroid}


  1. Lindsey

    loved this top ten.
    caitlin it was sooo nice meeting you on monday! thanks for coming to our lunch!


  2. red ticking

    i so enjoy your blog..i would love to own a cooper (so fun to drive!) but in seattle the traffic is so scary that i dont feel as though i would be safe enough on I-5…

    we will be in sf 2nd week of october… then up to napa.. any places we must hit? love kim fiscus, great food… would love your imput.. thank you! xx pam

  3. red ticking

    and…. congratulations on RUE!!!!

  4. Sarah Klassen

    I love Linda's blog — it's so stunning, and always leaves me inspired… I love everything she has mentioned, everything 🙂


  5. Larry

    I see that you haven't gone to New York, for starters, the place was awesome, especially the Niagara Falls and its other sights. There was a lot of them, me and my friends had to stay at the short term furnished apartments (NYC apartments) to rest our tired bodies.

    When we had our rest at the stylish short term furnished rentals, New York City was once again toured by us.

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