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Custom de Gournay Wallpaper

I’ve dreamt about having de Gournay wallpaper in the first home that I own – I dream about it practically every night. Grant Gibson’s custom de Gournay wallpaper is utter perfection. His sketches are gorgeous (they look like art for a home) and I cannot wait to see the end result next week. Grant, and ten other designers, are in charge of a different room in a lavish home in San Francisco for the Elle Decor Showcase.

Can next week come any sooner? Guess I’ll just have to wait it out. I’m also excited for it to come because Grant and I can then meet up for a Nespresso – yes, we’re neighbors!

If you live in San Francisco, be sure to buy a ticket here!

*photos via Elle Decor and Grant Gibson
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autumn walks . . .

There is nothing more magical than the sun setting over the Golden Gate Bridge. Eric and I have been enjoying orange light when it is setting – before dinner walks around our neighborhood is something we cherish while overlooking the bay.

*photo via RDujour
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10 Things That Make Me Happy: CasaSugar

HAPPY Monday lovelies!! This weekend will be one to remember for a long, long time. The San Francisco Giants made the World Series – I know there has been a lot of baseball talk going on, but when your husband works for the team, it’s quite exciting. This week will be filled with parties, family coming into town to go to the World Series games and possibly catching a flight to Texas. Sadly, we had to cancel our trip to Washington D.C. but I think this is a good enough excuse.

I was up in Portland this weekend spending quality time with my mom. The weekend was filled with yummy meals, shopping, pedicures and going through my mom’s china for a freelance assignment this week. Let’s just say I came home with lots of beautiful things that will make the tabletop I’m designing amazing. I even brought branches on the plane – my husband thought I was crazy, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?

Today, I’m ecstatic to have the one and only Julia, who is the editor for CasaSugar, the PopSugar Network’s home and decorating site. She also writes PopSugar daily, the network’s daily pop culture newsletter. Julia lives in San Francisco and over the past year we have become good friends. We only work two blocks from each other – frozen yogurt and coffee dates happen often. Thank you Julia for guest blogging here today!

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Hi all! I’m so happy to be included in this lovely feature. What could be better than celebrating things that make you happy!? Thank you Caitlin for including me! These are a few of my favorite things . . .

Linnea’s Lights Forest Fir Candle ($28)

I am obsessed with this limited-edition candle, which I discovered last year when I received it for review. The warm and fuzzy Fraiser fir scent skyrocketed to the top of my favorite candles list (oh there is a long one), knocking my beloved Diptyque candles out of the way — quite a difficult feat. It smells like a freshly-cut Christmas tree and makes me feel nostalgic for the holidays. It becomes available again this year on Nov. 1 (through Dec. 15), and I am literally counting the days until I can order one!

India Rose Freedonia Shower Curtain ($97)

This is my shower curtain, and absolutely enthralled with it! I’ve had it for about two years and I’m as much in love with it now as when I first saw it. The soft, apple green hues lend a cool, refreshing element to the bathroom, and it’s feminine but not overly girlish.

Ava With Owl and Bears

I bought this photograph of Ava Hawk, the daughter of Carmen Hawk, from my seriously talented artist friend Samantha West and I find it absolutely stunning I simply had to own it when I saw it, and it was one of my first original art purchases. The composition and contrast are flawless, and I love Ava’s bravado and her goldilocks hair.

New Orleans!

I lived in New Orleans for four years and I miss it everyday. There’s no other place in this country where you’ll find such magnificent people, music, food, art, and architecture all in one place. I’m headed to New Orleans this weekend for Halloween and am counting the minutes!

Some of my favorite artists there are Amanda Talley, Hayley Gaberlavage, and lighting designer Julie Neill. I also can’t make a trip without visiting my favorite accessories shop Hazelnut, which is co-owned by Bryan Batt from Mad Men.

Ferragamo Vara Shoes ($395)

My Ferragamo bowtie shoes are an all-time fave. I have them in a few colors and wear them with both dresses and skinny pants. I love how granny they are!

Fresh flowers!

A bouquet of fresh flowers turns my whole week right-side up! I love strolling down to the florist on sunny Saturday mornings to put together my own arrangement or to the farmer’s market for bunches of wild flowers, dahlias, and cockscomb.

Painted Glassware

I have a few sets of painted glassware which make me utterly happy, regardless of what I fill them with! My favorite is a set of this George Briard double Old Fashioned owl glasses, which was a gift from a dear friend. I picked up a great set of high balls painted with a blue horse hitch post motif at a thrift store, and I also took over some dainty floral demitasse cups from my mom, which are great for serving puddings and other treats.

7×7 Magazine

I love San Francisco’s 7×7 magazine! I love to zone out with music on and read it cover to cover in one sitting each month. I love city pubs in general, like New York magazine, and I’m fascinated by all of the things that can happen in a few square miles — one of the reasons I started Polk Sheet, my blog about Russian Hill in SF.

MUNI Fast Passes

My monthly MUNI bus passes make me happy, so I collect them! The colors are phenomenal and the wormish logo designed by Walter Landor is one of the greatest designs of the 20th century.

Dior J’adore Eau de Parfum ($95)

J’adore this perfume! It’s my signature scent, and I wear it night and day. I once tested every single other fragrance in Bloomingdale’s in search of some I’d like more, and I came up empty-handed.

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