10 Things That Make Me Happy: Definitely Golden

Happy Monday! What a wonderful long weekend it was – spent time with friends and family, decorated our apartment for the holiday season, had many cups of hot cocoa and the best part was I didn’t turn on my computer the entire weekend.

My Thanksgiving dinner turned out wonderfully. This is the first Thanksgiving Eric and I have cooked together – our turkey was perfectly cooked, brussels sprouts were delicious, homemade pumpkin pie was yummy and the only complaint was that my mashed potatoes were a little lumpy (husband’s opinion). I couldn’t have asked for a better night because we were surrounded by loved ones.

Today, I’m excited to have Marzena from Definitely Golden. Her blog inspires me every single day with images that make my heart beat a little bit faster. If you’re ever looking for beautiful images and photos, this is the blog to check out. I promise you will love it.

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There are a lot of things I like about Sacramento Street and this series is most definitely one of them. The ability of a well made composition to tell a story in a short glance is something that I find very attractive. And now, I am one of those people: one of those people who actually enjoys making list.

1. i grew up enjoying the pleasures of tea culture which had different repercussions in my life: you will always find different blends in my cupboard and of course, it always has to be the real stuff which means whole leafs. the whole ritual of a well made cup of tea couldn’t be perfect without the right visual hardware. although i tend to opt for everything plain and white, this teapot by the porcelain manufacturer

hutschenreuther marks an exception. its vintage pattern is both, beautiful and timeless.

2. a beautiful handwriting is something precious. unfortunately the occasions to write are quite rare which makes it even more important to indulge in a fountain pen and good paper. moleskine notebooks are great, but if you are in search of an alternative, the leather bound notebook from pinetti is definitely something special.

3. the gentlewoman is perfect – in so many ways. although i am a huge fan of blogs and websites, i wouldn’t want to miss the experience of a well made magazine. this one convinced me right away. the content is refreshingly different and every picture a true eye-candy.

4. a must-have piece of jewellery is a pair of golden hoops. they come in different shapes and sizes, but i think that the classic version in a medium size is recommendable, since you can wear them easily during the day. the automne oak leaf earings by aurélie bidermann can be a wonderful extension to your collection.

5. my laptop and i, me and my laptop. we are practically inseparable, a perfect match. this model (q530) is my second samsung and i couldn’t be happier. being a lightweight, it practically begs you to carry it around all day everyday. and its minimal design is just right for me.

6. a day without coffee is not a perfect day. there are a lot of coffee shops to discover and i seize the opportunity every time i can. but, i’m also happy to have discovered the perfect place for the daily fix: godshot offers great coffee made with a lot of love and expertise. on their card you can find the classic espresso as well as the australian flat white. the later is the smaller version of the well-known latte and served in a little glass which is used in the french culture for water. by the way the blend black cat is a perfect fit for this kind of coffee.

7. very few things are as personal as the scent you are wearing. it is important to go with the season and it is important to have a choice. but then again, it is important to find the perfume you never get tired of and which you can put on daily, feeling it simply belongs to you. since quite a while chloé is the one.

8. you certainly know by heart the desperate exclamation of a saleswoman “madam, this will absolutely go with practically everything”. for once, it could be more than a cliché: le vernis by chanel in black satin is an allrounder and really goes with everything. i promise.

9. christmas and new year are just around the corner which is a perfect occasion to show your friends that they are not forgotten. i tend to browse through little shops in search for some unique cards produced by tinier manufactures like metoyou. the price you pay for those beauties is maybe a little bit higher, but so is the paper and design quality.

10. i’m running the danger to repeat myself, but i think that those pair of chloé shoes are a fabulous excuse to spend a whole evening browsing through the latest spring accessories at style.com.


  1. kate funk

    What a great way to start the week! Sounds like you had a nice weekend! Happy Monday!
    velvet Cupcakes

  2. quintessence

    Great round up – my daughter has the Chloe perfume at the top of her Christmas list! And have never seen the gentlewoman – will have to check it out!

  3. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    very eclectic list, beautiful earrings

  4. Global Atelier

    Great list – some really unique ideas that I look forward to. Especially the new magazine that looks alluring!

  5. Anna

    I like this list…
    the pretty shoes, especially.

  6. Space by Eliana Tomas

    Chloe definitely makes me feel every day happy (and sexy). great list in here.

  7. Alicia

    I always love this series too! And Chloe is my favorite perfume I wear it everyday! I don't really feel completely dressed without spraying it on before I walk out the door! 😉

  8. canvas print

    What a brilliant post, thanks a lot.

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