World Series Champions!

Ladies and gents, I apologize for the lack of posting this week, but the San Francisco Giants have just won the World Series – madness has erupted in my household! Words cannot describe how happy I am for the Giants and my husband. It was an amazing experience being in Texas for the winning game and going down to the field to celebrate with the players. I’ll be posting lots of photos next week.

Back to regular posting today! Thanks for all of the SF Giants support over the past month.

xo, Caitlin


  1. The Neo-Traditionalist

    Congrats to your hubby!!! Go Giants : )

    xx Katie

  2. Alicia

    That's so unbelievably awesome that you were able to be there with the team in Texas! I can't wait to see your pics!!

  3. KC

    Can't wait for pics! I am green with envy!

  4. Corinna White Charlton

    were you in the parade?!? i didn't see you if you were!

  5. Cristin

    What an amazing win! So happy for the Giants and all who work for them. Speaking of, do you know Casey who works VIP? She is a family friend. I think she was in TX too.


  6. Caitlin @ Sacramento Street

    Thank you all for the sweet comments!

    Corinna, I wasn't but my husband was on one of the trolley's.

    Cristin, does she work in Giants Enterprises? That is the only Casey I briefly met.

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