10 Things That Make Me Happy: So Haute

I’ve literally been counting down the days until Nicole from So Haute would be guest blogging about her “10 Things.” She has impeccable style – from fashion to interiors. I’ve followed Nicole’s blog for a long, long time and we finally met this past September. We instantly became great friends. She’s incredibly talented (both on her blog and with her day job), the sweetest gal around, and one of the most supportive bloggers I’ve met.

I knew Nicole’s list would not disappoint – I was 100 percent correct. Thanks Nicole for sharing what makes you happy, and readers – be sure to pop over to her blog for inspiration!

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Hi! It’s Nicole from So Haute, a blog about interior design and style for the home. I can’t tell you enough how much I adore Caitlin’s “10 Things that Make Me Happy” series so needless to say I was super excited when she asked me to participate! Caitlin has such a great eye for design and also happens to be one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve had the opportunity to meet so it’s truly an honor to be sharing my favorite things with you here at Sacramento Street. Thank you Caitlin for inviting me!

1. Beach Sunsets – Because they are beyond beautiful. I just returned from a vacay in the Caribbean and these two sunset photos are from my trip. There’s nothing better than laying out all day and then watching the sunset over the ocean!

2. Pink Flowers – I am a total girlie girl and love anything pink…especially pink flowers. They’re so pretty and will instantly make a room feel more vibrant and alive. This lovely bouquet is from H. Bloom.

3. Babies – I sort of have baby fever since everyone around me is having babies these days! This is my great nephew Avery. He’s so cute I can’t stand it!

4. My iPad – I never thought I could become so addicted to a gadget but I’m utterly obsessed with my iPad! It keeps me organized, I watch TV on it, read books on it, email on it…basically I’m on my iPad all day long. And Evernote is the best app ever – it keeps me organized and allows me to instantly sync my notes to all of my electronic devices including my BlackBerry and laptop. I don’t know what I’d do without my iPad and Evernote!

5. Baking – For me baking is so cathartic. I love experimenting with recipes and making things in the kitchen. It also allows me to be creative. Even though I’m usually just baking for myself I often take meticulous care in plating and garnishing my dishes as if I were a master pastry chef. I equally enjoy consuming the fruits of my labor in the kitchen:) My Kitchen Aid Artisan stand mixer is a godsend!

6. Black and White Photography – I collect black & white photography and I there are so many beautiful photographs I want. This affordable find is from artist Leigh Viner’s Etsy shop and is currently on my wish list.

7. Sweets – My current obsession is Macarons from the Macaron Cafe here in NYC. They have a gazillion flavors and they’re all to die for. You can also order them online here.

8. Design Inspiration – I can’t get enough and I especially love collecting design books and hoarding shelter magazines. I just ordered a copy of “Details” – a book by Lili Diallo who is a former Domino editor and current Deputy Style Editor at Country Living. I can’t wait to devour it!

9. Breakfast – It’s my favorite meal of the day. I’m especially partial towards pancakes covered in fresh fruit and lots of maple syrup served with a side of bacon. The sweet and salty combo is insanely delicious. I am going to try this recipe for Whole Grain Pancakes with Blueberries during my time off over the Christmas holiday.

10. Scarves – They’re my favorite accessory and I wear one with just about every outfit no matter the season. Right now I’m lusting after this colorful leopard Diane Von Furstenberg scarf. Its chic, sexy and I just love the bright pink!


  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    SO excited to read Details, too! Fab list, Nicole!

  2. misshannie

    This is a wonderful list – lovely reading.

    Much love,


  3. Amanda Teal

    Great list! I too have been reading Nicole's blog for a long time. Her blog is always full of inspiration. I didn't realize that Lili Diallo's book was out…I'm running out to get it!


  4. ruffledrose.com

    Oh I adore macarons! There is the fantastic tea shop in Vancouver that flys their's in daily from Paris. They are so good!

  5. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    babies, kicthenaid, macarrons, how fab!

  6. Tariro

    Aww! Your nephew is adorable!

  7. Claire

    ahhh excellent 10 things… scarves are my favorite too! love it.

  8. Bruna

    Great sellection! I love all of it! Flowers, beach sunsets, babies, breakfast!

  9. Bridget

    that is a seriously good list.

  10. So Haute

    Thanks everyone for all of your great comments and THANK YOU again Caitlin for featuring me!!

  11. quintessence

    What a wonderful round up!! Definitely going to be checking some of these terrific ideas (too bad I can't check out the beach sunsets)!

  12. Christen

    great list. My top 10 would have the majority of these items

  13. dwellinganddesign

    Lovely list!

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