belt it up . . .

Since we’re having oddly warm weather here on the West Coast, I’ve been trying to figure out how to wear my warm winter knits. This outfit is perfect – the bare legs with a big chunky knit dress is exactly what I’ve got to wear in this weather. It’s not quite time to put them away because let’s face it – we’re not going to have this 70 degree weather for long.


  1. Deanna Pai

    Oh my gosh, seventy degree weather? So incredibly jealous! I love the simple brown leather belt. My mom bought me a long camel coat for Christmas and I switched out the matching belt for a brown leather one, and it makes all the difference. Enjoy the weather!

  2. Amanda

    Ahhh, that is gorge! It's way to cold hear but I would die to wear that! You have great style!

  3. ashley maureen

    i've been wondering how you californians dress for summer-in-winter… bright colors don't seem appropriate. this is just right!

  4. Sist and Sist

    I love that this chunky knit is belted. That is such a good idea because whenever I wear chunky knits I feel like it swallows my frame and makes me look fatter. I will try this at home 🙂

  5. Joanna Goddard

    so pretty!!

  6. Caitlin

    Deanna – that is such a good idea. I should do that with one of my coats!

    Ashley – We've got to get creative over here on the West Coast 🙂

    Joanna – Thanks for the comment. You made my day!

  7. Pretty Mommy

    I'm going to pretend to not read about 70 degree weather (so, so jealous) and concentrate on how gorgeous this is (even if I would have to hide it under my big puffy parka – LOVE!

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