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paris: simply beautiful

The neutral palate (with a few pops of color of course), sleek design and minimalist aesthetic of this Paris home has me speechless. What more can I say, it’s lovely!

Read the full story behind this home over on Design Traveller.

*Photo: Jean-Marc Wullschlege via Vårt Nya Hem

19 responses to paris: simply beautiful

  • Simply Mel says:

    I'm trying to move into these images…it is that perfect!

  • KC says:

    how do you find these gems! i love them all so much :)

  • idratherbeshopping says:

    i'm with you…i want to move there!


  • Alexandra says:

    Ooh. Love this space!

  • Paper Heart Girl says:

    Ohhh, it's so chic, yet cosy! Beautiful! xxxxx

  • Sage and Style says:

    I just found your blog via twitter. So lovely! And of course inspiring … I want to cook in that first kitchen. I love the black and white (with wood.) Gorgeous!

  • Cori {Pretty Haute Mess} says:

    That home is a perfect balance between comfy + chic.

  • Global Atelier says:

    Perfection – this home has everything and then some!

  • Marie says:

    I love it! Especially the windows, they are absolutely stunning! Enjoy your evening, Caitlin! xoxo Marie

  • design traveller says:


  • Lauren says:

    what a fantastic tub, love it!

  • Camille @ The Vintique Object says:

    Strong black and white contrast is one of my favorite design styles. This is such a good example of it.

  • Brandi {not your average ordinary} says:

    I would keep myself happily occupied in that kitchen — it's what I've always wanted (especially all that light).

  • Verdigris Vie says:

    A modern side of paris we don't get to see that often

  • Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook says:

    it is lovely. and in paris. le sigh. ♡

  • marzena says:

    i really do love the little details like the alcove at the side of the bed. so pretty…

  • one sydney road says:

    sigh…i'm in love with that kitchen. just pinned it – thanks for the inspiration :)

  • Barbie says:

    Ok, wow. It's the perfect home. And in Paris. What more can a girl ask for?!

  • wall art says:

    That bathroom is awesome, love it!

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