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bathroom: which one do you adore?

Since I got several emails about how much all of you loved the kitchen post last week I thought I would continue to do posts similar, but with different rooms. This past weekend while I was home I realized what a luxury it is to have a big bathroom and on top of that a well decorated one. I’ve been longing to rip out our medicine cabinet and light fixed above it for five years – my husband knows it drives me nuts that the light isn’t center with the cabinet and sink . . . why did they do that?

Anyway, each of these bathrooms above have something I would love to have. For one, a bathtub and two sinks would be a plus for the mornings we are rushing out the door. To me, number one would be heavenly, but the fact is that I would take any of these! Which one is calling your name?

29 responses to bathroom: which one do you adore?

  • LindseyBee says:

    I would have to say #3 is calling my name–I love the claw feet & the bright floors, it would make me feel very refreshed everyday for sure!

  • Vanessa Elizabeth I Ruffled Rose says:

    I'm always a fan of a claw foot tub, but I'm really loving the painted wood front in the first photo!

  • tara says:

    i LOVE that photo #1! get me that bathroom! i love the white subway tile and the wall art gallery behind. plus, who doesnt love a MASSIVE tub?


  • Lonely Wife Project says:

    Number one for sure!

  • Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors} says:

    LOL I have a similar problem in my bathroom. The light fixture isn't center with the mirror. I had the same question…why did they do that? totally drives me nuts too!

    All the bathrooms are gorgeous but I think my favorite is the last one!

    Hope you're having a beautiful start to your week!



  • Sal says:

    I would go for the first one — way more inviting and warm.

  • The Vintique Object says:

    First and third for me. After everyone submits their comments, will you choose, if you just HAD to choose one? I'm curious which one you'd go for.

  • Connie says:

    Love 1, 4 & 6!

  • Laura Nelson says:

    love them all, but I adore that last one! I love the shabby chic look & the chandelier :)

  • Savvy in San Francisco says:

    I love the fourth one and the sixth one (love that chandelier in it)!

  • Roxy Te says:

    hmmmm I am partial to subway tiles, but I do love a glam free standing tub! Beggars really can't be choosers as all the above are better than what I have now hahaha

  • Aleya L. says:

    #4 is definitely calling my name. I love it!

  • B. in the Know says:

    Oh my better which one don't I adore?! They are all so beautiful!
    Much love,

  • Heidi says:

    I die for the very first one from Lonny. I've had that one flagged for a while and can't wait to design a bathroom and use that for some mega inspiration!!

    All lovely though!

  • Karena says:

    Its the Nate Berkus # 6 for me. I just love it!!

    I have an Artful Offering and great Interview at my site.

    Art by Karena

  • Grant K. Gibson says:


  • Danielle {breakfast at toast} says:

    Love them all, but I am really feeling the first one.

  • Snow Black says:

    I love the first and the last one! These are all beautiful for different surroundings. I can only hope soon that I can afford a place like that 😉

  • manya says:

    Every single one of them – it makes me want to renovate

  • AbbieBabble says:

    Oh my goodness, that first bathroom is AMAZING. Perfect perfect perfect.

  • Alexandra says:

    I love #1 or #4. They're all beautiful, but those two are really the most practical.

  • Malinda says:

    They're all great, but I'm loving the first and last! I'm a sucker for vintage inspired bathrooms.

  • Deanna Pai says:

    Ohh, I do like number one, but that last one takes the cake for me! I just love the idea of chandeliers in the bathroom — so luxurious and delicate.

  • dCc says:

    I am in love with the last one – photo #6! Everything about it is just perfect.. the chandelier, the tub, the tiles…


  • Lindsay says:

    I am a HUGE fan of #1. It's beautiful!

  • kate @ undeniable style says:

    DEF #1 and #4…I'm torn! Great finds.


    I love that first bathroom! Building the tub in like that makes for such an elegant outcome! And the artwork in the bathroom – amazing!

  • Eleni says:

    I totally love the first bathroom! Every single detail of it is exquisite!
    xoxo, Eleni

  • la la Lovely says:

    I kind of love them all…but there is something about the second to the last one.. a tub in the middle of the bathroom and a chair to lounge is just over the top in all the right ways!
    xo Trina

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