bathroom: which one do you adore?

Since I got several emails about how much all of you loved the kitchen post last week I thought I would continue to do posts similar, but with different rooms. This past weekend while I was home I realized what a luxury it is to have a big bathroom and on top of that a well decorated one. I’ve been longing to rip out our medicine cabinet and light fixed above it for five years – my husband knows it drives me nuts that the light isn’t center with the cabinet and sink . . . why did they do that?

Anyway, each of these bathrooms above have something I would love to have. For one, a bathtub and two sinks would be a plus for the mornings we are rushing out the door. To me, number one would be heavenly, but the fact is that I would take any of these! Which one is calling your name?


  1. LindseyBee

    I would have to say #3 is calling my name–I love the claw feet & the bright floors, it would make me feel very refreshed everyday for sure!

  2. Vanessa Elizabeth I Ruffled Rose

    I'm always a fan of a claw foot tub, but I'm really loving the painted wood front in the first photo!

  3. tara

    i LOVE that photo #1! get me that bathroom! i love the white subway tile and the wall art gallery behind. plus, who doesnt love a MASSIVE tub?


  4. Lonely Wife Project

    Number one for sure!

  5. Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors}

    LOL I have a similar problem in my bathroom. The light fixture isn't center with the mirror. I had the same question…why did they do that? totally drives me nuts too!

    All the bathrooms are gorgeous but I think my favorite is the last one!

    Hope you're having a beautiful start to your week!



  6. Sal

    I would go for the first one — way more inviting and warm.

  7. The Vintique Object

    First and third for me. After everyone submits their comments, will you choose, if you just HAD to choose one? I'm curious which one you'd go for.

  8. Connie

    Love 1, 4 & 6!

  9. Laura Nelson

    love them all, but I adore that last one! I love the shabby chic look & the chandelier 🙂

  10. Savvy in San Francisco

    I love the fourth one and the sixth one (love that chandelier in it)!

  11. Roxy Te

    hmmmm I am partial to subway tiles, but I do love a glam free standing tub! Beggars really can't be choosers as all the above are better than what I have now hahaha

  12. Aleya L.

    #4 is definitely calling my name. I love it!

  13. B. in the Know

    Oh my better which one don't I adore?! They are all so beautiful!
    Much love,

  14. Heidi

    I die for the very first one from Lonny. I've had that one flagged for a while and can't wait to design a bathroom and use that for some mega inspiration!!

    All lovely though!

  15. Karena

    Its the Nate Berkus # 6 for me. I just love it!!

    I have an Artful Offering and great Interview at my site.

    Art by Karena

  16. Grant K. Gibson


  17. Danielle {breakfast at toast}

    Love them all, but I am really feeling the first one.

  18. Snow Black

    I love the first and the last one! These are all beautiful for different surroundings. I can only hope soon that I can afford a place like that 😉

  19. manya

    Every single one of them – it makes me want to renovate

  20. AbbieBabble

    Oh my goodness, that first bathroom is AMAZING. Perfect perfect perfect.

  21. Alexandra

    I love #1 or #4. They're all beautiful, but those two are really the most practical.

  22. Malinda

    They're all great, but I'm loving the first and last! I'm a sucker for vintage inspired bathrooms.

  23. Deanna Pai

    Ohh, I do like number one, but that last one takes the cake for me! I just love the idea of chandeliers in the bathroom — so luxurious and delicate.

  24. dCc

    I am in love with the last one – photo #6! Everything about it is just perfect.. the chandelier, the tub, the tiles…


  25. Lindsay

    I am a HUGE fan of #1. It's beautiful!

  26. kate @ undeniable style

    DEF #1 and #4…I'm torn! Great finds.


    I love that first bathroom! Building the tub in like that makes for such an elegant outcome! And the artwork in the bathroom – amazing!

  28. Eleni

    I totally love the first bathroom! Every single detail of it is exquisite!
    xoxo, Eleni

  29. la la Lovely

    I kind of love them all…but there is something about the second to the last one.. a tub in the middle of the bathroom and a chair to lounge is just over the top in all the right ways!
    xo Trina

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