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it’s all about stripes . . .

I’ll admit it, I’m a stripe-aholic and I blame the lovely Mrs. Erin for my obsession. I’ve worn stripes 4 days in a row and I still can’t seem to get enough . . . they just strike my fancy. My latest find that has been taunting me is a classic navy and white stripe cotton dress by Chance – it’s a perfect classic for spring and summer.

Do you have a pattern you’ve fallen head over heels in love with?

Photos: Chance
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summertime bliss . . .

Longing for summer? This “West Elm Loves Summer” video made me want summer days filled with outdoor meals, light summer clothes and a salty ocean breeze even more. It’s pure perfection done by the lovely Ditte Isager. By the end of this you’ll be wanting a fresh glass of ice cold lemonade. I certainly did!

What do you think? Did West Elm capture the essence of summer? Because of this I’m wishing spring would turn to summer a little bit faster . . .

Images and Video: Ditte Isager for West Elm (found via facebook)
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our journey to santa fe . . .

I’ve been giddy all morning waiting for the much anticipated launch of Matchbook Issue 3. My mom and I had the pleasure of writing a travel article about our trip through Santa Fe this past week. When the lovely ladies of Matchbook approached us with the idea I was nervous, excited and ready to hit the ground running. As we drove into beautiful Santa Fe we were filled with a feeling that made us feel welcomed.

Pop over to Matchbook’s April issue (page 36) to read our entire story (my heart literally skip a beat when I first saw it). You’ll also get the 411 on the best places to stay, mouth-watering restaurants and the AMAZING shops we got to explore. Yes, we spent hours talking with all of these shop owners – it made the trip that much better.


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spring reading list

Let me tell you something, I never in a million years imagined that these “reading lists” would be so incredibly popular. I’ve received emails from readers asking about when the Spring post would be published. I’ve got a fantastic group of amazingly talented ladies divulging their favorite reads . . . I want to go check into a cabin in Stinson beach with all of these books. That’s just how good they sound.

So grab a ice tea, find a chair at your local cafe and start reading!

As a lover of the written word and community, this book seemed like an easy inspiration and reminder to surround yourself with love, beauty and kindness.

This is my second 5-year diary and is a lovely way to gauge emotions and pinpoint memories — all in under 30 seconds a day!

I’ll admit it; I purchased this book simply to feel better about the endless stack of laundry I continually trip over.

By far the smartest “woman’s magazine” on the market…It’s filled with fantastic profiles of really interesting, intelligent ladies and artful fashion. I’m totally addicted.

I read an excerpt of this book in Vogue a few months ago and was hooked. There’s nothing better than a good memoir, and this one manages to combine motherhood, marriage and a love affair with yoga. It’s witty and self-depreciating…and deep down I’m hoping that the author’s yoga prowess will somehow be transferred to me through osmosis just by reading the book.

My husband and I have been in a couple’s book club for the past seven (!) years, where each individual takes turn picking a new book for the group to read every few months. Because it’s co-ed, the choices are hugely varied (from classics, to biographies…we even got the boys to read Twilight, due to the, umm… zeitgeist factor). We’re currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird. The last time I read this book I was 14. I’m excited to dig in again with an adult perspective…

How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum by Keri Smith
I love the optimistic message of this book. The lovely hand drawn typography and illustrations are an added bonus.

The Joy of Less: How to De-clutter, Organize and Simplify Your Life by Francine Jay
Learning to live with less is something I’m always striving to do. I’m hoping this book will give me the boost I need to make some changes.

Bossypants by Tina Fey
I love all things Tina Fey, especially her honest and hilarious account of being a working mother in the entertainment business. Bossypants is available for purchase April 5th, I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail.

I discovered this magazine at a newsstand recently and was initially drawn to the graphics. As you can tell from the name, it’s a men’s publication, but I found a lot of things inspiring about it. The typography, the slightly vintage feel, the undone nature of the photography — all-in-all, it’s very visually appealing.

No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories by Miranda July
A friend gave me this book as a gift not too long ago and I’ve been enjoying the subtle comedy and vulnerability in July’s writing. If you’ve ever seen Me and You and Everyone We Know, the vibe is very similar.

Food Matters by Mark Bittman
You may not think of a cookbook as bedside reading material, but lately I’ve been ending my days bookmarking what I want to try next from Mark Bittman’s Food Matters. I went to a book signing of his a few months back and his discussion about consuming food that is both good for yourself and good for the environment really resonated with me. I’ve yet to make one thing from here that isn’t insanely delicious.

Undecorate by Christiane Lemieux
I purchased this book for a few reasons. the first being that I love Christiane and her designs and the other because it is great non traditional approach to decorating.

Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers
The colors and textiles are so fun in this book. I have found some great ideas for my own house.

Truth be told, I have never actually read this book. I have seen all versions of the movie so I thought it was time to read it for myself.
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