bookshelves: which one do you adore?

This week I decided to wander through the archives of Lonny Magazine and I quickly realized the they had an endless amount of beautiful bookcases. As I sifted through them there was something that drew me to different images – maybe it had to do with color or the way in which the books are arranged.

I truly believe that bookshelves are a form of art in a home – they are showcasing treasures. What do you look for when you’re putting together a bookcase? And most importantly, which one of these do you adore the most?


  1. Lou

    Has to be the first one, I love it when books are displaied standing and lying down, also using the space for photo frames and other trinkets is grreat.

  2. Amanda

    I am smitten with the one with pops of red! All the little treasures are just my style!

  3. Annaleenas hem

    I like the third one:)


  4. misshannie

    Definitely in love with no.4. I love how the colours of the books pop out from the white interior. Plus that red chair is fabulous!

    Lovely post!


  5. Shannon

    I love #1. 🙂

  6. Sist and Sist

    Oooo I love the 4th one down! ALL those bright colors! DIVINE!

  7. Paper Heart Girl

    I love all of these!! xxxxxx

  8. Maia McDonald

    I love the 2nd to last image, I think I'm drawn to the warm pinks and oranges contrasted against the light grey wall.

  9. Allison {Halcyon Style}

    How unfair, we can only choose one? I do adore No. 4 with the pink, orange and blue pops of color but I'm also in love with how the blue interior of No. 3 makes the white and silver serving ware stand out in such a regal and louche way…

  10. Doorknobs And Daiquiris

    My vote goes to the top photo! Seems like less of a focal point and less cluttered than the others. I also really like how the books are covered with framed images in the photo with the red chair.

  11. Cara

    1st one!

  12. travelkate

    I'm for number 4 as well! I love that red bamboo chair and the colors that pop from the bookshelf. I have never had the pleasure of decorating a large bookshelf, but I look forward to one day soon being able to have all my books that are now sitting in boxes on display!

  13. Bill Geis

    Well, I have a soft spot for ceramics/silver/glass – #3 is cool & hot! And it looks very DIY with it's metal brackets. So clever…

  14. KC

    For some reason the very first image caught my eye. Not sure if it is the white bookcase contrasting with the dark wood floors, but something about it is so timeless!

  15. Brittany H.

    Absolutely beautiful and classy interiors. How inspiring!


  16. la la Lovely

    I so need to do something about my bookshelves…for some reason I'm terrible at this. So I'll def be referencing this post!

  17. Amanda*

    I love Lonny Magazine! And all of these shelves!

  18. Savvy in San Francisco

    I love the fourth one with all of the pink, orange and blue color popping out of it!


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  20. Roxy Te

    2nd to last for sure 🙂

  21. The Vintique Object

    Hi Caitlin, I like the 1st best, but ours look like the 2nd because while I have free reign over the rest of the house, my husband is adament that bookshelves are for books only.

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