our journey to santa fe . . .

I’ve been giddy all morning waiting for the much anticipated launch of Matchbook Issue 3. My mom and I had the pleasure of writing a travel article about our trip through Santa Fe this past week. When the lovely ladies of Matchbook approached us with the idea I was nervous, excited and ready to hit the ground running. As we drove into beautiful Santa Fe we were filled with a feeling that made us feel welcomed.

Pop over to Matchbook’s April issue (page 36) to read our entire story (my heart literally skip a beat when I first saw it). You’ll also get the 411 on the best places to stay, mouth-watering restaurants and the AMAZING shops we got to explore. Yes, we spent hours talking with all of these shop owners – it made the trip that much better.



  1. Erin

    I desperately want to go to Santa Fe.
    And I loveeeee your feature in Matchbook 🙂

  2. Alicia

    LOVED it Caitlin! You and your mom put together quite the tour guide. I've never been to Santa Fe… must go soon 😉

  3. travelkate

    How exciting! I'm heading over there now…I love Santa Fe, and can't wait to hear about your favorite finds and places!

  4. christine donee

    I love northern New Mexico…. so I have 2 pepper bundles hanging in my kitchen to give me a reminder every day 🙂

  5. Kayla

    Can't wait to read it. My Mom and I were actually talking about taking a trip just the two of us to Santa Fe, seems like your article may be a sign we gotta go!

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  6. Anonymous

    I loved your article. Enjoy your blog and Matchbook.

  7. Savvy in San Francisco

    Love your feature in Matchbook! Santa Fe is such a great town!! Now I am craving some Sopapilla!!

  8. The Vintique Object

    I can't wait to go and read your article! I grew up in New Mexico and lived in Santa Fe two years ago before moving back to the Bay Area. Your pictures make me pine for home…

  9. la la Lovely

    Congratulations….. so very exciting. What a great piece! You did such a fabulous job
    xo Trina

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