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snuggled down . . .

When I spotted this beautiful room over on Miss Erin’s blog, it immediately had me daydreaming of going home to curl up in a comfty outfit with my luscious faux fur blanket accompanied by a cup of Mariage tea and my brand new book. With the hectic week I’ve had I thought that instead of going home to work, it is a perfect night to keep my computer in my work bag and check out for a night. Nite, nite lovelies – I’ll be back tomorrow!

Donna Karan Cashmere Sweater / Mariage Fréres Tea / Missoni Scarf / Splendid Leggings / OPI Nail Polish / Calypso Faux Fur Throw / An Object of Beauty

17 responses to snuggled down . . .

  • Kayla says:

    That couch looks like I could sink into it. I need a giant cup of coffee in a cute mug, a stack of magazines and a book. Perfection.

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  • Kezia Monet says:

    I love the outfit you picked! Very calming and cozy. I just started my spring break from teaching today and this looks like what I'll be lounging in :)

  • featherfactor says:

    Beautiful colors and I would wear this entire outfit and I own that book :)

  • christine donee says:

    Can I just crawl into that picture and snuggle up in the couch? Because I'd like to.

    Enjoy your cozy evening :)

  • Deanna Pai says:

    Oh, this is so perfect for the weekend! I want to climb into that fur throw and never, ever leave.. until I have to refill my tea, of course. Hope you had a relaxing night!

  • elizabeth / sophisticated pie says:

    I love this post! The outfit is absolutely perfect, especially for lounging on that couch and reading with some tea. I'm thinking, Yes, please!!

  • KC says:

    Totally want to read that book! I'll be interested to see what you thought of it…maybe another blogger book review series in the near future?? I read The Help based on your rec, and LOVED it!

  • robyn michelle-lee. says:

    love this inspiration board… the colours, the tea, the throw, the nail polish, the cosiness… adore!

  • Sugar says:

    Love the inspiration and An Object of Beauty is a great read!

  • Caitlin says:

    KC – I'll definitely be putting together a new book series! Thanks for reminding me :)

    Thanks for all the comments! I'm so glad you like this space as much as I do. Happy friday everyone. xx

  • StonehouseLove says:

    i'm obsessed with sheepskins…and have them all over my house! this room is simple and cosy…

  • Daniella says:

    This is like the perfect outfit! Love the blush pink…

  • Linda {Simply Seductive} says:

    Love your post! Ironically, just before reading your post I started following Darren Booth on Twitter @darbooth, the Canadian Illustrator who designed the cover of An Object of Beauty. He is so talented.

    Would love to know what you think of the book.

    Have a great weekend, Caitlin.

    Linda, xo

  • Caitlin says:

    Linda – That is so cool. I'm definitely going to start following him on twitter. Love the color of this book!

  • cait says:

    Just recently finished "An Object of Beauty" – I hope you love it!

  • talulard says:

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