a breath of warm weather . . .

The saying “April showers brings May flowers” is what I find myself saying when a cold rainy day approaches in April. I always hope that it will turn my frown up-side-down. This year has been unseasonably cold throughout the entire country and I think we’re all ready for some warm days spent outside reading with a cold glass of lemonade and gathering around an outside table for late night dinners or mimosa brunches. So mother nature, if you can hear me, could you please send all of us some warm rays of sunshine?

Images: Petrina Tinslay Photography


  1. Design Blooms

    I hear ya, we have rain coming our way in a few days. Summer is just around the corner!!

  2. Studying with Stilettos

    fantastic photography. especially love the first photo. xoxo


  3. christine donee

    warm days, I'm calling you!

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