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a pop of color: fuchsia

Alright, you are all probably thinking “what happened to the neutral palette Caitlin?” – well, she’s still here but because of this AMAZING sunshine and burst of warm weather I’ve been inspired by all things color. I even painted my nails bright coral (very rare for me). Watch out world, things could get wild around here!

This post is dedicated to my lovely boss. She’s obsessed with fuchsia – ALL things fuchsia. When I came across these pants I had to create a post in her honor. Don’t you want to eat this color up? Yes, it’s that pretty and I would even consider wearing these beauties.

Is there a color out there that you are fond of? Would love to hear what colors they might be.

Photos: 1. JCrew Fall 2011 via 2. Sarah Tucker Travel Photography available on etsy 3. lena erziak via haute design

16 responses to a pop of color: fuchsia

  • meenal @ maison marigold says:

    this is so favourite at this time of the year( going into summer here in india) is a soft shade of aqua..i am fairly crazy about it!! have a lovely visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  • Helena - A Diary of Lovely says:

    I'm obsessed with fuchsia too, so pretty! and im actually wearing a fuchsia skirt right now :)

  • Tine says:

    Great colour! And I'm so in love with buttercups! My favourite colour is mint. And light lavender. And peach. Ehmm… I think I don't have a favourite colour.

  • Amanda says:

    Great color…essie makes a polish in the same one that totally rocks my world!

  • says:

    Loving this Caitlin! That bunch of peonies made me swoon. Color is so the thing this season that even us "neutral" are hoppin on the bandwagon, I have been so drawn to orange lately, its starting to become an addiction! Have a good one.

  • Vanessa Elizabeth I Ruffled Rose says:

    I was just thinking about how much I am looking forward to a summer filled with lush , fuchsia peonies. How funny.

  • London Lisa says:

    I love that pop of color especially since color blocking is "in" in Spring! I've been on a color kick as well and plan to have my nails painted red for the entire month of April…its just so classy! Enjoy the color!

  • escapade says:

    LOVE this – so fresh + fun!

  • Jones says:

    Fushia is a shade or two off from the color of the year. In all honesty, I like fushia better! Great post. Chic Rooms

  • Sist and Sist says:

    Gorgeous color! Love those pants!

  • travelkate says:

    Every time I see that J. Crew picture pop up I think I must buy myself a pair of those bright pants! There is no way you could be in a bad mood while wearing them :)

  • RBrown says:

    You *know* I love this color so much. Thank you for making my day yesterday and telling me that JCrew is making pants in my favorite color! Loving yuor nails and your robin's-egg blue maxidress, too. You look great in color!

  • Alice Olive says:

    These are great images. You could easily substitute that pink with another favourite and keep tan as a wonderful base. A bright green or peacock blue.

  • Amanda Teal says:

    I'm loving the new colorful you! 😉

  • Julie says:

    I totally agree, I've been so drawn to color lately. Sometimes the neutral palette makes you feel neutral too!!

  • Heather Pranitis says:

    A great, great, great "pop" of color. Love it. I have a fuschia top and a scarf that "pops" with it and its a daring color combo for me because I'm a neutral girl.

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