a pop of jcrew . . .

This past weekend I had the pleasure of popping into the JCrew in Corta Madera – my favorite location in the Bay Area (Carmel’s is out of this world too!). As I walked into the store I finally felt inspired to transition my wardrobe from winter to spring. It’s time to bring out the cotton and color and store the wool. We all know that I’m a stripe-aholic – beware my fellowstripe lovers, the store is packed full of striped goodness along with pops of color that had my creative outfit juices flowing (Alicia and Taylor would have been so proud). In the end I walked away with loads of inspiration about what to do with clothes I already own. I also walked away with a pair of slouchy khaki pants to roll up.

I’m ready to bust out some pops of color in the next few days – especially since the sun is shining bright! Where are all of you finding spring outfit inspiration?

*Images: JCrew Tumblr


  1. Amanda Hill

    I can never seem to walk out of there with out buying something 🙂 Sound like some great pants!

  2. Lillian (Unstitched.)

    I never thought of having a "favorite" retail store location…but next time I'm up in SF, I'll have to check those out! I'm such a stripe-aholic too…I have more striped clothes than anything else! And I've always wanted slouchy roll-up pants! I guess I'll have to make my way into a J.Crew soon to get some outfit inspiration!

  3. travelkate

    As a stripe-aholic myself I must check it out! I haven't been in J. Crew in awhile!

  4. Jessica

    I'm a stripe-aholic myself, so maybe I should stay out of J.Crew… or maybe not. 🙂

  5. Color Collective

    love this post! jcrew has so much inspiration right now!!

  6. KC

    ah yes! I am in total need of some slouchy khakis to roll up! Erin's post at Apt. 34 totally inspired me to make the purchase 🙂

  7. sprinkledwlove.com

    LA LA LA LOVE! J. Crew is my favorite.


  8. Alicia

    Aww yes we're proud!!! So happy you're experimenting with pops of color in your spring attire!

  9. Alicia

    PS I dislike the JCrew in SF… I much prefer the JCrew at Stanford Mall and other locations! The BEST Jcrew is in NYC. Of course.

  10. South of Market

    We didn't know JCrew had a blog so thank you for the link!

  11. Apt. #34

    resistance is futile darling

  12. Studying with Stilettos

    i love jcrew so much! Actually trying to score a job there! thanks for the lovely post! xo

  13. Savvy in San Francisco

    I love the JCrew in Corte Madera too! I am headed to Carmel this weekend for my babymoon, so will get to frequent your 2nd favorite location too! Along with the Coach Outlet!

  14. Michaela

    J. Crew is my absolute favorite. I just bought a dress there on sale. It made my day (:

  15. à la mode

    Love those slingbacks! Awesome style!


  16. www.StarHughes.com

    I LOVE JCrew – it has to make up 95% of my wardrobe! So when I saw your blog post devoted specifically to my favorite store, I was so excited! Cute post!


  17. canvas prints

    JCrew is tha bomb!

  18. khaki pants for men

    Those slingbacks are lovely! Awesome style!

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