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What a busy week, I’ve been running around working 24/7, but when you love what you do working around the clock doesn’t seem to matter. I’ve posted this office multiple times, I find it an incredibly inspiring place to work day in and day out – don’t you? Someday, I hope to have a office this beautiful!

With that said, I’ve been turning to my trusty skinny jeans, camel tote and adding a touch of spring with open toed heels and a light weight top. The perfect combination for my hectic schedule. Do you have a go-to outfit that you gravitate to when you’re on the run?

At least tomorrow is Friday . . . hip hip hooray!

Photo: living room via domino magazine

Clothing: Madewell embroidered dot top, Zara leather belt, Cheap Money jeans, Madewell oxford slingback, Zara plaited shopper


  1. Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors}

    Skinny jeans, a flowy top, and cute flats is my go to outfit right now. I'm in love with that room too! I always thought that was a dining room…maybe its multi purpose?…whatever it is, great inspiration!

  2. Tanya (a Taste of T)

    Love that tote! It'd be perfect with just about every outfit.
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  3. FrenchByDesign

    I'm in love with that bag! Gorgeous!

  4. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    great outfit, my staple too for most days!

  5. Claire Giffen

    i want those shoes 🙂

  6. carolyn

    i have those shoes and i looooove them! my go-to is definitely cute top, skinny jeans, gold flats, fun scarf, cardi. done.

  7. travelkate

    Skinny jeans are a big staple of mine too! Now, that the weather has been very warm this past month in Dallas, my go-to has definitely been an array of sundresses with gold flats!

  8. Lou

    How great is the Zara bag! Would be great for the plane.


  9. Collections

    That bag is stunning. Love the color of that leather.

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  10. Ceri

    That is one of my fav spaces! From the gallery wall to the gray table with the coveted ghost chair…LOVE!

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