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Since we’ve decided to stay in our apartment for a few more years I spent the weekend sifting through back issues of magazines for light fixture inspiration. Next week will mark our five year anniversary of moving into our apartment. When I first moved in I didn’t think we’d be there for more than two years. But being in an amazing neighborhood, in a top floor apartment that faces a park is pretty rare. Last June we FINALLY painted and it completely transformed the entire look and feel. It’s now a cozy oasis that feels more permanent since it’s what we want. Now all I can think about is changing out the plain jane overhead lighting.

I’d love to find something like the above fixture – it would work well in either our kitchen or dining room. So my dears, the search is on and if you have any inspiration or favorite fixtures please link to them or let me know where you’ve been finding some lighting gems.

*Image: Laura Resen

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  • Tobe | Because It's Awesome says:

    LOOOOVING that space! isn't it true; you never think you'll be anywhere as long as you actually are!

  • Emily says:

    We have that exact fixture… and it came with the apt! I'll keep an eye out for another — I've also been quite obsessed with the idea of this one in our white and rustic space:


  • carrie {steinbeck says} says:

    Great fixture.

    I ran across this one yesterday while I was searching for some options It isn't exactly the same, but the shape is similar.

    Good luck!

  • travelkate says:

    I'm always on the look out for great fixtures! Can't wait to see what you find!

  • Caitlin says:

    Emily – I'm incredibly jealous that your NYC apartment came with beautiful fixtures. I'm on the hunt so if you come across one let me know.

    Carrie – I love that option and like that it's silver. This could be a great option for the kitchen! Thanks.

  • Forever Lovely says:

    I love that fixture! It has a great rustic, farmhouse feel to it.

    -Forever Lovely

  • Abbie says: has some, and there is a cheap $39 version at Lowes.

  • christine donee says:

    I'm all about lighting. It can completely change the feel of a room.. not to mention make everyone look a bit better. We're currently looking for light fixtures for the living room… I always love your inspirations! I hope you'll show more of what you've been looking at!

  • Treadgold says:

    I share your dilemma, I was just musing on this the other day with a couple of other bloggers. I am contemplating a George Nelson saucer light (replica) or PH5 lamp by Poul Henningsen – both very popular but lovely mid century statement…

  • The Vintique Object says:

    First, I want to tell you that I am in the same place. After years of moving around and still not owning, I have decided to fix up our rental. If you plan to stay and love the neighborhood, why not?

    Second, gorgeous room. Love your aesthetic.

    Third, I found and installed a light like the above our breakfast nook. It came from Home Depot in Emeryville for $10. It is aluminum, but could easily be spray painted…

  • Ceri says:

    I love this space! White & wood are always are great combo!

  • lark + linen says:

    believe it or not, Ikea actually has similar fixtures (just less vintag-y). They're very inexpensive and if you scratch em up a little you're golden!

  • The Vintique Object says:

    Hi Caitlin,

    Don't know if you are up for making something yourself, but I just came across this great tutorial for a DIY Moooi inspired pendant.

  • RAENOVATE says:

    you're looking for an original btc fixture.
    only $240!

  • says:

    Oh I love that light fixture! But the thing that stood out the most to me was the dark wood beams – absolutely gorgeous! I think it makes the room. Such a pretty picture!

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