living room: which one do you adore?

I adore Trad Home, it’s beautiful, sleek and incredibly well edited. It’s one of the first magazines to actually get me charged up in a very long time! My head is swirling with loads of inspiration – I’m excited to welcome it into the online magazine world.

Although I was drawn to many rooms, the living rooms are what got my heart beating ten times faster. Maybe it’s because I’m working on a few clients living rooms at the moment, or maybe it’s because I’ve been longing to redecorate my own, in the end all of these living rooms caught my eye.

So I ask you, which one of these stunning living rooms do you adore? Is there a piece of furniture you want for your own home?

Photos: Trad Home


  1. Lou

    Has to be the first one – I want that living room, it is stylish but looks so comfy!

  2. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    number 2, the arm chair really has my name on it!

  3. Joslyn

    i'm all over number 2!!!

  4. meenal @ maison marigold

    Love the second and the last one elegant..very happy with trad home..the online mag world is getting bigger and better by the day!! have a lovely day, visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  5. raina

    They are all quite fab, but Tom Delavan's is by far my fav, been thinking of a similar Moroccan rug for my living room. The coffee table in the 4th pic is pretty groovy as well.

  6. Stephanie Shepherd

    I adore the first living room. A daybed would be such a great alternative to a loveseat. Really love the arrangement!

  7. erin ellison

    I love, need, want the coffee table from the first living room. I love how rustic it is and it still looks so sophisticated!

  8. Grant K. Gibson

    I just love this series that you do!
    It makes me smile 🙂


    numero uno!

  10. rooth

    The living room designed for people with chair "ADD" – number one! I count no less than 7 different seating options in that shot.

  11. travelkate

    Was so impressed with Trad Home-loved the inaugural issue! I am a big fan of the second image, because I love that rug!

  12. Caitlin

    Thanks for all of the lovely comments – number 1 and 2 are my favorites. The rug in #2 has a special place in my heart!

    Grant – I'm incredibly flattered that you love this series. Exactly the reason why it's sticking around 😉

  13. Tamara, Bella Boho

    #1 for me as well, but I am coveting the gorgeous black cabinet in #3!

  14. Global Atelier

    LOVE the Moroccan Rug, and I have to say I have been partial to light colored sofas lately – even knowing that they might be harder to keep clean!

  15. Megan

    I like the 2nd and 3rd one. In the 2nd one, it feels like really cozy, homey space. The third one has subtle elements of global style and that pop of color is fab.

  16. Kayla

    Can I say all of them? If I had to choose I think I would pick the first one though.

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  17. simplygrove

    I am with you!! The living rooms in this issue are fantastic!! I posted about Trad Home today too:) Oh and I like numba 2!

  18. Aleya L.

    It was hard for me to choose! I couldn't settle on JUST one. And so I definitely love room number: 1, 2, and 4 🙂

  19. lost + found

    the first is one of my faves tooo!

  20. Cove and Grey

    The first one is amazing! I love the tufted sofa and wooden coffee table.

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