It’s time to step into April – I’m excited for the weather to warm up (hello 75 degrees), wearing bright bold dresses and picnics in the park. It’s time to enjoy the outdoors!

This weekend is going to embrace all of these things. I’m looking forward to soaking up some sun while we play softball and a light sea breeze keeps us cool. I’ll also be heading to the Alameda flea market – I’m hoping to find some treasures for a client. What are all of you up to this weekend?

May April bring fun new endeavors to all of us! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

xx, Caitlin

Photos: Toni Garrn by Camilla Akrans for Harper’s Bazaar US April 2011 via FGR


  1. Priscilla Francine Makeup

    I love the balloon effect in the first dress-and the hat! ohlala!

  2. dCc

    Enjoy this AMAZING SF weather!! Have a fabulous weekend!


  3. meenal @ maison marigold

    gorgeous images..have a lovely stop by my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  4. abode love

    These girls are REALLY making me want a long, flowy white dress!!! Thanks for the lovely images!

  5. christine donee

    TGIF indeed!


  6. Alicia

    Caitlin, if you see any frogs on Sunday I'll pay you back (with interest) hehe!!! xx

  7. Caitlin

    Alicia – I'll keep a look out for you. Text me how many tables you have. xx

  8. Linda {Simply Seductive}

    Lovely, lovely dresses… haven't dropped by for awhile, so am looking forward to catching up… wishing you a wonderful weekend, full of inspiring wardrobe changes and lots of sunshine!

    Linda, xoxo

  9. Miss Amy N.

    I'm so ready for the weekend as well! This week has been nothing but one deadline after the next.

    I decided to take advantage of living in San Francisco, and took my first night trip to Alcatraz Island yesterday! It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to add more things to my list this weekend. First up – a trip to Tomales Bay for oysters!

  10. Caitlin

    Linda – thank you so much for stopping by!

    Miss Amy – I have yet to go to Tomales Bay but I think this would be a perfect weekend to go! Let me know what it's like.

  11. About Last Weekend

    What amazing flowy dresses, two of the best long dresses I've seen. Have a great Sunday

  12. Sist and Sist

    gorgeous and stunning dresses!

  13. RealBeauty

    I LOVE the dress and hat in the first photo! So California Chic.

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