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well-styled . . .

Every season Toast creates an inspiring catalogue that combines beautiful styling and dream-worthy locations that seem to always take my breath away. When I flipped to this feature within the catalogue my heart went a flutter. The mix of blue and white has a sweet spot in my heart.

Now, if only I could make a special trip to London just to go to Toast. I’d probably get in a wee bit of trouble.

*Images: Toast UK

13 responses to well-styled . . .

  • Alice Olive says:

    Agreed, Toast does an amazing job. Makes me covet everything!

  • Katie*Belle says:

    Such pretty photos. And I'm wishing I could lounge in that bed all day today : )

  • Amy Mayberry says:

    Just one of the many amazing things in London! :0)

  • Amanda Hill says:

    I adore the first image with the rustic weathered vibe and a gorgeous over the top chandelier!

  • Priscilla Francine Makeup says:

    The clouds are so vibrant…and that bed looks so inviting

  • Sist and Sist says:

    adore these outdoor-esque spaces!

  • Krystal says:

    gosh those are amazing spaces!

  • KC says:

    mmmmmm…that first picture looks like the perfect gathering spot for a leisurely dinner!

  • peggy | bluepoolroad says:

    yes! love toast. they always find the most intriguing locations to shoot…

  • tara says:

    these images make me want to go on vacation! breezy lovliness…


  • Studying with Stilettos says:

    in love with these interiors! especially the first one! such an inspiration! xo

  • Lucy says:

    eye candy!

  • Creategirl says:

    oh….my…..goodness that bedroom photo is divine! Though I could never have this as my own, I would never get out of bed. Add a few books and a nice summer breeze and I would beset : )

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