a pop of color: all white

It’s no secret that there is a special place in my heart for all white interiors. So when I got a call yesterday from a dear friend and client asking to help pick one for a home she’s building, I went to my notebook and then decided to see what others thought . . . I started to do a little research.

The favorites amongst the Interior Designers and bloggers I asked were these:

* Farrow & Ball All White finished with Estate Emulsion, Shaded White and White Tie

* Benjamin Moore Cloud White, Decorator’s White and Super White

Since I’m working on this project intensely over the next few days I’d love to know if you have a favorite white paint color? Are there any you’ve combined to make the “perfect” white? Everyone’s got a different white they are attracted to, so I’m curious to hear what everyone recommends.

Hope all of you chime in!

Images: 1. Indenfor 2. dress, design, decor 3. The White Company via Bright Bazaar 4. this is glamorous 5. tricia foley’s website


  1. Cove Design

    I love the middle picture of the bedroom! White rooms are my favorite 🙂

  2. redbrickbuilding

    I just had two duplex rental units painted BM Decorators White on the upper level (living room/kitchen) and BM Super White on the lower level, which is a basement and therefore gets less light. I like both of them, though probably Super White slightly more because it's really really bright in (I think) a good way. Decorators White is more subdued, with a slight gray cast. Maybe that makes it more sophisticated? Dunno. I picked up 15 Farrow and Ball sample pots today and called in an order for 20 more BM colors to pick up tomorrow and have swatches painted throughout the building. A few of those are whites, too. If I remember I'll report back on the F&B whites then. Good luck with your all-white project!

  3. Global Atelier

    Love the photos – this makes my heart beat so quickly! I also love the rug in the first photograph!

  4. articulateart

    I love the photos! Especially the 1st and 3rd are beautiful! I love the style! Less is more!!!

  5. Kelly

    Oh my goodness…the middle photo of the bedroom is beautiful. Dream bedroom!! I love white and gray.

  6. Carrie

    Love that bedroom! Do you know what colors were used for trim & walls?

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