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time to celebrate . . .

I’m officially in my late-twenties! Sort of strange to say it out loud, but I’m embracing it. It’s amazing to look back on what you have done over the course of a year and this one in particular has felt like I’ve accomplished so many milestones.

What’s on the agenda . . . last night I had a lovely girls dinner with my best friends, today I’ll be driving up to Napa to spend the day at the pool soaking up some much needed sunshine and relaxing in a mineral pool. To top off the day Eric and I will be going to our friends new restaurant that just opened in the city.

Hope all of you have a lovely day and I’ll see all of you back here tomorrow!



Images: 1. flickr 2. photo by Marlein Overakker via dress, design, decor

25 responses to time to celebrate . . .

  • SREE BINDU says:

    hey ! happy b'day :) Enjoy the journey from a pleasant evening —Blast filled Night :-)

  • SREE BINDU says:

    hey ! happy b'day :) Enjoy the journey from a pleasant evening —Blast filled Night :-)

  • Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ says:

    oh yayyyyy – my birthday is tomorrow girl! – enjoy my Gemini!

  • Molly says:

    Happy beday girl! Hope it is the best one yet – you deserve it!!!!!

  • Global Atelier says:

    Happy Happy Birthday my sweet girl. Hope Napa is relaxing – you deserve a day of fun and relaxation. I can't believe you've finished the first quarter century of your life. Enjoy every minute of the next!!! Love you to x-planet!

  • classiq says:

    Happy Birthday! Have a beautiful day! :)

  • sherri lynn says:

    Happy Birthday! That sounds like a perfect day :)

  • Stephanie says:

    Happy birthday!! What's the name of your friend's restuarant? Me and my bf (also named Eric, btw) are always trying out new places to eat in the city.

  • Heidi Lyn says:

    Happy Birthday! Here's to an even more spectacular year coming up.

  • Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself says:

    Happy Birthday, Miss C! Have a wonderful day – sounds like the perfect plan!


  • Mrs. C says:

    Have a blast tonight! Happy Birthday!
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  • Daniella says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a wonderful day! :)

  • Savvy in San Francisco says:

    Sounds like an absolutely fabulous way to spend your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

  • paula says:

    happy Birthday!

  • South of Market says:

    Happy Birthday!

  • Trina says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! Napa sounds divine. Enjoy every second!
    xo Trina

  • marzena says:

    happy birthday!

  • Michaela says:

    Happy Birthday, Caitlin!! Hope you had a wonderful day (:

  • With Style and Grace says:

    Happy Birthday, love!! Your day sounds amazing – hope you were able to relax, eat some good food and enjoy a few cocktails! xo

  • So Haute says:

    Wishing you a happy happy birthday! xoxo

  • Rhônya Holman says:

    Your blog is beautiful, full of amazing images and creative contents! Keep up the great work and positives vibes. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (-:

    Have a lovely weekend! =(^.^)=

  • says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Love that cupcake picture – just gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of your blog too – it is so cute and always has the most beautiful pictures!
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  • Claire Giffen says:

    happy birthday caits. love you!!!!

  • George Wells George Wells says:

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  • Joslyn says:

    happy, happy, happy (belated) birthday sweet friend! i hope it was fantastic!!!


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