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a stunning abode . . .

When I came across this stunning petite bungalow over on Jessica’s blog – my mouth popped open, my heart started beating rapidly and my eyes couldn’t stop looking at all of the lovely details in every photo. From the Spanish architecture to the marble fireplace to the way it’s designed – it completely embodies what I love most about homes. Can you imagine how lovely this must be in person? I can only dream . . .

Miss Jessica sure is lucky to work for such a brilliant designer – lucky duck!

Photos: House Beautiful via Chris Barrett Design (click on images to enlarge)

12 responses to a stunning abode . . .

  • stylecomb says:

    It's so light, airy, and beautiful! I especially love the open shelving in the kitchen.

  • Kate {domestikatedlife} says:

    I love this space! Especially the kitchen and the settee + dining table combo.

  • Nancy Drew says:

    I love it! I love the use of white though out and the modern and classic furniture.

  • Heather says:

    Simple & clean but lived in. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  • That girl Saadiya says:

    This is beautiful!! I love it so much, would be great to have a place like this to go to :)

  • cecyj says:

    I LOVE everything about this perfect bungalow. Great Post!!

  • The Vintique Object says:

    This place is everything I love about design: Spanish style architecture, full of a mix of objects, including many antiques, but still feels fresh. You can tell someone lives here. Lives beautifully here.

  • lost + found says:

    wow, what a great space! love the architecture and dark wood matched with white, with pops of color and pattern…perfect!

  • Sarah says:

    wow–gorgeous colors and textures…such an airy and inviting space. love this post!

    keen & fitting

  • articulateart says:

    Very lovely pics! Flowers really do light up any place!!!

  • Joslyn says:

    i was drooling over that spread too! the whole house was gorgeous…but the amazing front door surrounded by roses was especially good!

  • kbd says:

    I nearly skipped out of the grocery store when I picked up this issue… and this place was divine. Just what I like… and congrats on your sneak peek! you have a beautiful home :)

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