dining room chairs: which one do you adore?

When it comes to dining rooms – the chairs totally make a HUGE difference. They can either make or break the entire room. In my apartment I have old wood chairs from Barcelona (thank you mom for spotting them at an antique shop) – they are beyond amazing and some of my favorite items in my house. Sometimes I want to mix it up and try using different styles around the table; modern, antique, contemporary. I think everyone has their own preference, what’s yours?

Photos: 1. Othilia Decor 2. Skona Hem 3. David Christensen 4. canadian house and home 5. unknown (anyone?) 6. emmas.blogg


  1. Lori

    Toss up between three and four! Can't decide!

  2. Michaela

    Number 4 has been a long time favorite image of mine! I love the white chairs. You're so right- chairs make rooms sometimes!

  3. Tamu

    Three… us tall folk appreciate a high back.

  4. kalanicut

    I like upholstered chairs because you can sit and talk with friends long comfortably long after the meal has ended. Somehow moving to the living room always changes the nature or flow of the conversation.


    I still believe the Hans Wegner chair is easiest on the eye, and the body.
    A chair must be confident and humble, and welcoming among all else.
    Rigid arms, or an imposing high back can both become serious challenges.

  6. Miz

    definitely number four! so lovely – i just love that whole dining area!

    xo Miz

  7. Tine

    Love them all but my favourite is number six – love the chairs and the lamp!

  8. Global Atelier

    Love them all but your chairs are the best! Maybe get two modern chairs and mix them in with the ones you have!

  9. Priscilla Francine Makeup

    I'm into 1 and 3!! I like a more modern look for my home, but I always like looking a vintage cozy decor too

  10. simplygrove


  11. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    For me it has to be number 4!

  12. Amber Interiors

    JUst found your blog throuth Camilla's Effortless Style and I am so glad I did! Nice to see a fellow so-cal blogger as well!

  13. articulateart

    4 and 5 look great for the home!!!!! Almost chose 3, but it's more chic and restaurant-like I guess.

  14. Designs Good

    I love #2 … and #6!

  15. www.StarHughes.com

    I LOVE #4! I can't get enough of that rustic country look!

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