GIVEAWAY: A West Elm . . .

Just two weeks ago I got the Parsons Tower from West Elm. My husbands first thought was “where am I ever going to put this” – well with a little re-arranging and then a bit of re-decorating, it now has a special place in our dining room. In all honesty, he should know that I always have a master plan in my head. Once it was all done, I began thinking about how others would decorate theres Parsons Tower.

West Elm is giving away a Parsons Tower to one lucky Sacramento Street reader. Do you have the perfect spot for the Parsons Tower? If so, how would you see yourself decorating it? Would it be with beautiful books, travel treasures, family heirlooms?

1. To enter, leave a comment (with your name and email) letting us know where and how you would decorate your own Parsons Tower.
2. Pop over to the West Elm Facebook and Twitter page and follow/like both them. (if you already β€œlike” it then you’re already entered.)

An important detail. You must live in the United States to enter this giveaway. This giveaway ends July 8th.

*Photos taken by Caitlin


  1. Kim

    i adore west elm! it's just a little out of my budget for a college kid, but i'm moving in with my bf this summer and it'd be perfect in the living room!


  2. Emilee

    Not for me, but for my sister and brother-in-law's first apartment, they've been decorating with West Elm (well, I've been decorating for them) and I have the perfect spot in mind for this shelf!

  3. Tobe | Because It's Awesome

    adore! we are in serious need of this kind of storage in our place ~ decorated similarly to yours, it would house beautiful items that can't seem to find a home elsewhere in our loft. thanks so much to you and west elm for the fab giveaway!

  4. Connie

    This would be perfect in the living room filled with books, trinkets I collect from vintage shops, and photos!

  5. Valerie Wills Interiors

    Loving this piece of furniture…. I would arrange vintage books, photos from my travels in antique silver frames, a bowl of fresh lemons, maybe a plant and Victorian snuff boxes.


  6. kimberly michelle

    I would definitely dress up our office with this beautiful piece! I'd love to highlight some of our collectibles, and have some spare room for fresh flowers and books as well!

  7. Deanna

    It would fit perfectly in my home work/crafting place. I'd fill it with art supplies in beautiful jars and inspirational pieces.


  8. Maggie

    I'm a photographer, so I'd put mine in my home office space where I meet with clients. It would be the perfect place to display my sample prints, folios, and albums, as well as my favorite photography books!



    oh how exciting! i have the perfect spot in my living room. the tower would be filled with our massive book collection and little treasures i've collected from thrift shops and flea markets. thanks caitlin!

  10. ashley

    What an amazing giveaway! I'm a bit obsessed with anything West Elm. I would love this piece for our back room/office space. It would be great to organize books, frames, baskets with office things, etc.

    – Ashley

  11. Kristen

    i do like the Parsons look! i am moving into a new place and this would be perfect! as for what i would decorate it with – various items that have been stored away πŸ™‚ thanks!

  12. Anonymous

    Hi, I don't have facebook or twitter but I'd love to be entered to win this! I'd fill the tower with my endless collection of books and old photos of my family.
    Thank you!
    maggiie at gmail dot com

  13. Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons

    We had to store all our books this past year due to a small apt, so I would definitely say I would use it for that!

  14. Elise / Pennyweight

    Pretty pretty pictures!! I'm with you, I think this would definitely have to go in my dining area. Love how you decorated yours! xo

  15. Lauren

    I would love a great tower like this in my bedroom to display my fashion books, bags, and accessories. I really don't have a proper place to display some of the pretty things I have that aren't getting the attention they deserve. I hope to win to solve this problem.


    "liked" on facebook/ following on twitter & pinterest!

  16. Daniella@ThisCouldBeMeToday

    I'll definitely take one, please! I would put it in our black and white master bedroom and decorate it with knickknacks and hopefully some plants, I want to pull some color into that room and I think plants on a parsons tower would be perfect. Great giveaway!!

  17. Jessie/Sweet Thing

    I've been eying this bookshelf for a while now. I think it would go perfectly in my new office!


  18. Kathryn

    I would fill it with books and frames of my family.

  19. Kate {domestikatedlife}

    So pretty, love your styling! I would put one in my kitchen and make it into a bar tower.

  20. J. Henderson

    awesome giveaway! i've got the perfect spot in my living room for it. thanks for the opportunity.

  21. Danielle

    um I need this! bc i'm moving to san fran and need it as a room divider!!!

  22. cait

    I'm getting ready to move into a new apartment & the Parsons tower would be perfect!


  23. Anna

    I love the Parsons line – almost bought the desk while at WE today! I need just such a shelf in my "dressing room" (a glorified supply closet in a San Francisco flat). I would probably steal your bar idea – feels very old Hollywood to have a bar in your boudoir πŸ™‚

  24. sydney85

    I would love a Parsons tower. My daughter has it on her wishlist for her new apartment when she goes to grad school this August. She has mostly books but would add some other pieces to make it more interesting.

  25. With Style and Grace

    best.giveaway.ever! It would go perfect in our living room and as for decorating it, that wouldn't be a problem – books, antique cake stands, and flowers!

  26. Claire M.

    Nice giveaway! love it πŸ˜‰

  27. Priscilla Francine Makeup

    I have been dreaming of making the guest room my "makeup" office. I would love to display product, brushes and photos of past brides on this shelf for when I have my consultations. It would be perfect πŸ˜‰

  28. Angela @ Diaryofachair

    Great giveaway! I'd use it to artfully display my shoe collection:)

  29. Allyson

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I would put photos, books, and different nick-nacks on it! I just love it!

  30. Lesli

    We just moved into a new house, and this would be awesome for my master bath. I would put towels, cute little glass jars, and vintage apothecary items on it.

  31. PNew

    Been dying for one of these. I'd put it in my living room and fill it with my favorite books, cookbooks, and trinkets I've collected in my travels! It will look perfect in my space!!

  32. Ami

    There is a corner in my kitchen, where a cheapie bookshelf from IKEA currently resides. It holds my favorite cookbooks, pottery from my various travels, and the odd bric-a-brac and knick knacks that tell the backstory of the life my husband I live together. The Parsons Tower would fill that spot beautifully, and the IKEA bookshelf could go to good use to a local college kid or something. :)Where it rightfully belongs.


    I would decorate mine with vintage glass bottles and books. I also have these fantastic woven and carved trinket boxes and a globe that would pull everything together wonderfully.

  34. DH

    This is great! I'm moving to my first "solo" apartment this week and would love this so much! Now that I have space to spread out – I would use the Parson's Tower with my collection of vintage jewelry, hats and bags that have been hanging out in my parent's house the last few years. Help me free them!

  35. LMS

    Your Parsons tower is amazing! I love West Elm, but being a grad student I can only admire from afar while dreaming of filling it with salvaged/restored treasures,books, photos, sparkly things, wood initials (I love monograms!) and of course fresh flowers.

  36. sherri lynn

    I love this Parsons tower! I would decorate it with books because our current bookshelves are overflowing, but I would also house some family pictures and keepsakes from our travels on it!

    I like/follow West Elm on twitter and facebook!


  37. AubreyLaine

    I would put it in my living room and decorate with books, some cute objects I got from Pier One and West Elm and picture frames πŸ™‚ I lie west elm on facebook & twitter.
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  38. Megan

    this would look great in my dining room!

  39. ms. meg r

    I absolutely love west elm and have been eying the Parsons tower for a while – I have the perfect spot for it near my entry way! I'd love the fill the shelves with objects found during my travels & trips to the flea market, as well as my fiance and I's favorite books.


  40. nicole

    I would put it in my bedroom and adorn it with all of my favorite pairs of shoes. Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

  41. Louise Thompson

    I've just started my own business, working from home, so would put the Parsons to great use in my fledgling office. In fact, it would pair beautifully with the Parsons desk (in white) that I just bought. Now, about that matching white leather chair… πŸ˜‰


  42. Julie

    Love West Elm! Great giveaway!

  43. crabigail

    I've been eyeballing these shelves for a long time! I'd put it in my husband's office – he needs some seriously shelving help in there!


  44. koibito

    i moved to city few months ago from Istanbul… i don't have that much furniture at my place right now :(i am a prop stylist and
    i would like to put all my crafty materials on this shelf.. that would be amazing.. : )

  45. laura @ so alaurable

    What are the chances?! I was just looking at this and wanting it badly for my new place! We just moved and are short on shelving…I think I would either put it in my den with a mix of books and collectibles, or in my dining room and finally put my wedding china on display!


  46. Unknown

    This would go in our office, loaded with books, great picture and chachkes.

    Andrea Herskowitz

  47. Jen

    I would use my parsons tower in my bedroom to hold my book collection! I love your blog and love West Elm too!


  48. inspirationfiles

    I would put the parsons tower in our sunroom and load it with plants!

  49. LoHill

    It would be a great piece to store heirloom photos, vintage glass and favorite books… west elm rocks!

  50. Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors}

    This would be great in my office! I'd use it for books, stylish storage, and decorative objects.


    Oh yes, yes please. Already follow both. Would use it in my new place at the beach!

  52. DHD

    The Parsons Tower would be great to display and organize all of my ribbon. I design belts and am always digging for the bolt I am looking for. Great summer giveaway!


  53. Lavender and Lilies

    I love the parsons line! I would love the tower. I have a newborn and I'm still working on her nursery. I would put the tower in her room and fill it with her books, frames and other keepsakes and some adorable storage totes on the bottom for her items. I love the modern feel this would add to her nursery!

    I am a follower and my email is

  54. Christina Rizzo

    I love this shelf! I would use it to store my most treasured things. In my bedroom I had made "shelves" out of old fruit crates nailed to the wall which stored my favorite books and my entire antique salt dish collection–most of which I inherited from my Grandmother. The boxes fell from the wall last week, breaking a number of the salts. This shelf would be a safer, more beautiful replacement:)

  55. Julie

    This would replace the cheap shelves I currently have in my dining room.It holds decorative items, a few cookbooks and candles.

  56. Real Life Catwalk

    I'm a bit minimalist when it comes to design, and I'm planning a move next month, so this would be perfect! I don't have much furniture & could really use this shelf. I'd store books, DVDs & lots of fresh flowers on it πŸ™‚

  57. Faithful Praise

    New to your blog thru Paloma….love it! Thanks for entry!

  58. Molly

    The Parsons Tower! I've had my eye on this little puppy ever since I bought my white 2×2 console table from West Elm (which I use as a desk – it's the bomb). I neeeed this tower for my book collection that I'm taking off my mama's hands in a few weeks. I need a nice place for my Harry Potter series to live and I think this is the answer! Would work in my bedroom or main room πŸ™‚ LOVE how you styled yours!

  59. Anonymous

    I would LOVE to put it in my son's nursery. I would put baskets at the bottom to store toys and place books and his piggy bank on the other shelves. Fingers crossed!

  60. Jess

    Oh, this tower would be so perfect in our living room! If I won this, I would probably put our receiver and record player (my husband is a hipster, he can't help it) on the lower shelves and balance out the tech element with something pretty and more organic on the eye-level shelves. Maybe a vintage silver pitcher filled with flowers, a pair of ceramic orange faux-bamboo candlesticks, some succulents, some art, and a framed wedding photo. Lovely!

  61. JULIE

    Great giveaway! I would put it in the living room to replace the gnarly bar we have. I would decorate it with books and treasures from our trips to Greece and Spain. And I would maybe add a few bottles of booze too πŸ™‚
    jabazigos (at) gmail (dot) com

  62. Car

    Ohh! I think it would have to be a combination of my colorful hardback books and vintage glass bottles to add color to my living room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Anayancy Garcia

    I would put favorite books, vintage typewriter, picture frames….

  64. redpamplemousse

    I think I'd put it in my entry as a place to display vintage pieces, things collected from my travels, plus a few oddities.

  65. Meg Blocker

    Mine would go in my living room, and would hold a bar, my antique books, and a few other bits and bobs.

  66. laura

    It would be perfect in our dining room to display an assortment of objects, books, and handy-for-dinner items like matches.

  67. Kristina

    I would use this in my very large living room. There's so much space and I don't have enough stuff to fill it with! I would decorate it with pictures and books.

  68. Jenn

    I LOVE West Elm. The Parsons Tower would be perfect in this nook I have in my living room. I've been having a hard tome trying to figure out what to do with this space. I have some art pieces that would look great on display there. Also some antiques I rec'd from my mom.

  69. carlee {deliciously organized}

    I have the perfect place for it! It would definitely have all my magazine files lined up in my organized fashion πŸ™‚ as right now their on a little tiny white one.


  70. Jenny

    We just put an offer in on a house and will be in need of more furniture. I'm thinking in the living room styled with books, art, and keepsakes. Great giveaway!

  71. Alfredo

    This piece of furniture will look just perfect on my living room, and I'll fill it out with my vintage teapots and travel guides!


  72. Chelsi Scott

    Beautiful! We are always running out of kitchen space, I would stage my beautiful cooking pieces on it, and mix in some of my decorative antiques.
    Great piece!

  73. meg manion silliker

    oooo i love the parsons tower. we live in a shoebox. no really. it's a shoebox. and my little 5 year old daughter has the smallest bedroom in the world. i would absolutely put this in her room to act as not only a place to clip a light to for reading in bed but for all those wonderful books she is now reading along with all the treasures a little gal has. xo

  74. Sheena M

    I am moving to New York this summer for interior design school and need to source some really attractive storage pieces and this would be perfect!! I love love love west elm…I would decorate it with a selection of books, vintage brass accessories (my current fave) and a small vase of flowers πŸ™‚

  75. Anonymous

    I relocating to the East Coast (bye bye Seattle!) and this would be perfect addition to the clean slate and fresh start with the new place….


  76. Courtney

    My boyfriend and I just bought a beautiful house in the city- the Parsons Tower would be the perfect addition to the late nineteenth century study to house all of our books that tell stories older than the house! And of course a glass vase or two and some pictures to tell our own story.

  77. Anonymous

    So lovely. It would be perfect for my farm kitchen. I'd decorate it with black and white framed pictures of my family and pets, along with a few pieces of brightly colored vintage fiestaware. Good luck everyone πŸ˜‰


  78. Athena

    I'm not sure where I would put this but I'm pretty sure it would house some of my books and trinkets.

    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  79. Melissa

    I love west elm! A parsons tower would be perfect for my home office – I have a ton of books that need a good home.

  80. 10.18.08

    Looks like a lovely toy shelf (pretty toys)!

  81. Mande Calhoun

    The Parson Tower is perfect for our modern house. I would love to put it in my office and decorate it with my inspiration! I see letterpress posters in frames, books, pieces of WI, etc. Perfect addition to any house!

  82. shelby h.k.

    Oh West Elm, soooo lovely!

    As my boyfriend and I are currently searching for our next abode, I'm not sure where this piece would go…however, I do have tons of books, Domino magazines, and tea cups I could stash on it.

    'Liked' on Facebook, following on Twitter…thanks for the giveaway!!


  83. Nicole

    Love it! I would hire you to come over and decorate it for me…obvi! πŸ™‚



  84. Honey

    Would love it in a guest room, would be able to keep travel photos on it and also the special little goodies that make house guests feel welcome.


  85. logging interests

    As you can see, I've got the perfect spot. My fingers are crossed.

  86. Mandy Holguin

    Most of my home is filled with West Elm treasures and furniture. I have the perfect spot for this, against the back wall of my living room. It would hold pieces my hubby have picked up throughout of marriage along with a few of my favorite & most used decorating books. Done in mimalmist way of course!!

  87. Mer

    I would put sea shells in it! something beachy! thanks for the opportunity! Meredith dot Targarona at Gmail dot com

  88. Mer

    twitter follower @MeredithRae
    thanks for the opportunity! Meredith dot Targarona at Gmail dot com

  89. carolyn

    oh i love this! it would look just perfect in the office next to my parsons desk, filled with brightly colored books and painting supplies πŸ™‚

  90. Mary Anne Carroll

    Mary Anne Carroll

    I would love to put this in my office with family photos, travel souveniers, and my favorite books!

  91. Leah

    I would put some bright colored accessories, some books, and some pictures and I would put it in our spare bedroom.

  92. Whimsy Being

    I really need a place to organize all of my books and stacks of magazines! Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  93. Jen of MadeByGirl

    This is LOVELY! Jen(at)madebygirl(dot)com
    Thanks for te chance to win, i love West Elm!

  94. Kari Firak

    I'm officially following and liking West Elm, why didn't I do that sooner?

    I love this tower, I want to cover it in vintage wallpaper and use in our dining room.

  95. j vorwaller

    West Elm has it's finger on the design pulse in the last couple years – I always have such a long wish list with items from their shop!

    Already following them on twitter – which is how I found out about this giveaway!

  96. Charla Sneed

    I LOVE this! My husband and I just moved into a new house and have purchased a lot from West Elm- it's the best. I'd love to put this in the office, because right now, it's EMPTY. That's right, empty! This would be just perfect!

  97. Taylor

    OH MY, do I need this shelf in my life!!! Loft living is great but there is not near enough display place for books, vintage nik-nack, maybe even a waist height shelf displaying bar items!!!

    Man I now need this!!!! It would live right in the open concept living/dinning/office/kitchen of my Chi-town loft.

    And I follow WE on FB


  98. Taylor

    OH MY, do I need this shelf in my life!!! Loft living is great but there is not near enough display place for books, vintage nik-nack, maybe even a waist height shelf displaying bar items!!!

    Man I now need this!!!! It would live right in the open concept living/dinning/office/kitchen of my Chi-town loft.

    And I follow WE on FB


  99. Anonymous

    I would place this just about anywhere, but my dining room and top of my stairs are my first thoughts, with just about anything I have not found a place for yet.


  100. Sara Moriarty

    Definitely in my office to display design books and more.


  101. Kathleen Frank

    The parsons tower would be the perfect piece of furniture to put in our new house! It will be just perfect in our family room, which I want to be gray and white. Then, I would fill the shelves with an assortment of some of my favorite old books and my collection of vintage cameras!

  102. Cameron

    This Parsons Tower would go perfectly in my living room, where I would display my collection of modern and vintage books in order of color. In between the books I'm putting favorite pictures of my family.

    Love that shelf!

  103. Amelia

    I'd prop this gorgeous parsons shelf up against the wall that my bed faces so every morning I could see a beautiful shelf of my favorite books, plants, flowers, keepsakes, framed photos, trinkets and tchotchkes – it would distract from the adjacent ugly rental wooden sliding door closet, and I could even put a few little mirrors on it to create the illusion of a larger bedroom!


  104. Melanie R.

    Oh how lovely! I would definitely use this in my office to house all of my lovely books, folders, etc. I would also include framed family photos and travel mementos! Thanks!

  105. Stubborn Dog Artwork

    *wishing!* We just moved and this would fit just perfectly in our dining room, which is sadly lacking shelves. It would hold special bowls, my favorite blue jars, and other little treasures that I love to see every day. Thanks for the chance! (

  106. miriama

    I would put it in my living room and put what my grandmother called knick knacks on it…treasures of mine and both my grandmothers..a little of this a little of that.

  107. Samantha D.

    I need a need the Parsons tower to hold my overflow of books!. My husband an I read quite frequently and our tiny, tiny bookshelf is crammed full of books. Well, come to think of it so is the floor around the bookshelf also. I want to display some of the collections we have and the Parsons tower would be perfect for this. I see color grouping and some family pics on display. Sounds perfect!

  108. nj path

    the dining room, no, the screened porch, no wait, my bedroom – it's the kind of piece that would look great in any room

  109. Corinna

    silly husbands… πŸ™‚ mine's the same way! He came home the other night to a completely re-arranged home! Bedroom furniture to the living room! Living room to the "dining" nook!

    The parsons tower would be awesome in our living room… for now… then who knows which might room it will migrate to!


  110. Anna

    Hey Caitlin–
    What a fun giveaway because it's so versatile! I think I'd actually put the tower in my kitchen as a place to keep my ever-expanding cookbook collection, show off vintage flour tins, and line up fancy glassware!
    xo, Anna


  111. Claire

    Had a house fire in September. Just starting reconstruction after 8 months of negotiations with insurance company. This would look great in our 'new' dining room! Claire.

  112. princessofgossip

    I'd finally cover all my books with various colors of paper and organize by color. Ahh, visual bliss

  113. Karena

    It is absolutely perfect for my space!! I would design with books, small works of art, blue & white pottery!

    Fingers are crossed.

    Art by Karena

  114. Christine

    That tower is perfect for my living room!!

  115. stylecomb

    I would definitely put the parsons tower in my living room, and it would hold all of my design books, plus flea market finds and animal sculptures!

  116. Erin [LUXE + lace]

    I'd love to add this gorgeous West Elm piece to our new home office. It'll house books, decor, & office supplies.

    Thanks SS & WE!

  117. simplygrove

    Love this! I would place it in my dining area and fill it with vintage mugs.

  118. Colleen

    I would use the Parsons Tower either in my office or family room. I have a Parsons Desk in the office currently, so it'd match great. The tower will be filled with books, pictures, and travel treasures.


  119. lotuslovely

    I could really use one of these. I just moved into a new apartment and it doesn't have any built in shelves. This would be perfect for my books, pictures and other pieces.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. jillian :: cornflake dreams.

    SIGN me up! i LOVE west elm and i am dying to get rid of my junky ikea bookshelf… i would use the new {gorgeous} parsons tower for all of our books and a few frames πŸ™‚ xo jillian (

  121. jillian :: cornflake dreams.

    i already like west elm on twitter (@cornflakedreams) and facebook xo jillian

  122. The Epic Adventurer

    Right in the fornt hallway of my new apartment — a first-ever real home for me! And, of course, the Boyf!

  123. Kristyn

    I am moving into my first house next week, after 3 years of living in Europe. My husband and I have hardly any furniture! So this would be perfect to get an office started, I really like white and lucite furniture w/ black accents. Fingers crossed!

  124. Unknown

    As an artist, I'm always looking for more storage space. The tower would be the perfect solution for stashing the pile of books, prints and frames already living on my desk!

  125. mbw

    In my studio/office!

  126. Jean

    This shelf would be great in my living room. I have so much to display that I can always use more space.

  127. Anonymous

    It would display my tiny airplants from Maine, vintage pictures in brightly colored frames of my grandmothers, hand-made valentines I've collected over the years and my textile books. Might be a good spot for a few cool records, too. Everything is scattered and really needs a home. It would be lovely!

  128. Sarah York

    I just liked and followed West Elm. Oh, how I would love to win the Parsons tower. I have a ton of books and magazines that need a new home. What a great giveaway!!

  129. Ali Vigil

    I have loved the Parsons desk for a long time but this is the first I am seeing of the amazing tower! This would be incredible to help me maximize the small space in my second bedroom. I would decorate with a combination of travel knick knacks, my book collection, as well as bowls or baskets of yarns to provide some pop of color!

  130. Ashley @ A {Blonde's} DIY Life

    I love the Parsons bookcase!! It is such a great piece for any space, and would be a wonderful addition to the decor my apartment! I have just the corner in my living space that's calling out for it right now!

  131. Anonymous

    Love it! I think I would copy you have have a mini bar on it!

  132. Sarah

    Love it! I think I would copy you have have a mini bar on it

  133. Kristin

    I love this Parsons Tower! Just enough room to organize my colorful books and my collection of colorful Fenton glass…pink, turquoiuse, yellow, white, blue! They'd look fabulous in the white shelf! And a perfect place for my Domino mags…front and center! πŸ™‚ Love your blog! Keep up the great work!


  134. Michelle

    Awesome! I'm so in love with West Elm Furniture! I'd love to add this tower to my living room! It'd be perfect for bringing together the stacks of books, magazines & vases I have spread out all over the house.

  135. FashionSmashion

    I love West Elm! All of their stuff is so chic!


  136. Erika Gregory

    Love this! I have the perfect spot! On one side of our fireplace. My husband and I were just discussing what our plans for this area would be. We'll put family pictures and travel treasures on it. Follow and like already on Twitter and Facebook. Great contest!

  137. Empire City Studios

    Love West Elm! I would use it to place family portraits and treasures from our travels, so that we can remember where we have been and look forward to where we'll be going!

  138. Kirsten

    I love West Elm and I love this Parsons Tower! I am always collecting small decorative items from antique shops, am a huge book junkie and love to take photos so I would definitely put it in my living room so I can display all of my pieces! Just what I was looking for!

  139. Kirsten

    I love West Elm and I love this Parsons Tower! I am always collecting small decorative items from antique shops, am a huge book junkie and love to take photos so I would definitely put it in my living room so I can display all of my pieces! Just what I was looking for!


  140. Cheryl

    love West Elm. I'm a librarian, so there is always a need for more places to put books! But it's also so lovely that I would mix in some photos as well I think. THanks!

  141. Cassy.Mathis

    I just moved into a new house, and I'm currently decorating my office. The parsons tower would go perfect with my parsons desk I have!I have the perfect wall to put it on! West Elm is my go to solution for anything. I wish I could buy everything!


  142. Liz Coudriet's Portfolio

    I would love this in my office with some books, vases, photos, and art!

  143. Lisa

    I am a huge fan of West Elm and would love to use the Parsons Shelf in my home! I have a slew of architecture and interiors books, prints, and frames to load it up with!


  144. Carla

    What a great piece! If I owned one, I would fill it with a mixture of new and vintage beauty products showcasing my collection. Every shelf would have a theme, one shelf would be old perfume bottles on a charger. One shelf would be some framed made up face charts. Another would have some books. So on and so on. πŸ™‚

  145. Monica

    This would be perfect in my entry way. The door opens up to a small blank wall, I would love it there filled with all my small vintage and flea market finds!

  146. courtney d

    I would very much love to have the Parsons tower in my living room and I would decorate it with books and photographs!

  147. Allison Lawson

    We are currently having a new home built! I would put it in my living room for extra shelving to put books, magazines, and family photos πŸ™‚

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