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I N T E R V I E W: Audra Canfield of Designer Fluff

When it comes to throw pillows I am picky, so picky that my sofa is still bare after months of living in my apartment in fear that it will look like a West Elm catalog. But fear no more, designer Audra Canfield of the newly launched Designer Fluff has created a collection of throw pillows sure to make any space feel curated and unique.

Audra Canfield, designer and founder of DF, says the ‘fluff’ in Designer Fluff “is the finishing touches of a room.” Whether you’re racing around during the last moments of styling an installation or getting ready for a dinner party, a little ‘fluff’ goes a long way. Through the use of exclusive designer fabrics and five varying sizes, Canfield describes her handmade pillows in one word, personality. “Pillows should have personality. Individuals are unique, inspiring and unexpected, so why not carry this concept into your home? They are works of art, but instead of getting them framed, we spend our lives lounging on them.”

Material Lust had the chance to interview Canfield in her design studio and townhouse in Brooklyn, to see just how her works of art surround her every day. Designing begins at her Kitchen counter. “I will have laundry going, dinner cooking, and fabrics spread out all over the floor.”

Influenced by her recent travels all over Europe, Africa and time spent living in London, the collection has a graphic illustrative and well traveled tone. She has been holding onto each of these fabrics (including the Angles pillow) for years in her personal Library.

When designing the Interiors of her home, Canfield says she has two design philosophies, “always have black and white in a room. Or in my case, a lot of black. Black grounds the space, white gives relief. Two, try not to have a color scheme. Mixing colors that are beautifully related, yet not matchy matchy, is real design in my opinion.”

Most apparent in her den, or rightfully titled ‘Green Room,’ are the bold colors thoughtfully layered against the moments of black and white to ground the space. The bold abstract painting by artist (and friend) Tyson Meade, that is layered against the Neidermaier bust and the abundance of throw pillows (surprise, surprise) carries a collected quality reflected in her pillow line.

Not to miss down the hall is her Master Bedroom, which she says is her ‘leftover furniture’ room, full of family pieces such as her husband’s heirloom iron bed on casters. “The room that inspires me is always the one that is unfinished. I spend many thoughts designing it, whereas the rooms that are finished, I just simply enjoy.”

Make sure to add a little fluff into your life with Designer Fluff and ‘simply enjoy’!

*Big thank you to Lauren & Christian of Material Lust for writing and photographing this feature!

12 responses to I N T E R V I E W: Audra Canfield of Designer Fluff

  • Global Atelier says:

    I am completely in "awe". This is a spectacular home – beautiful colors and design. I feel completely inspired!

  • Mrs. C says:

    Lve the designs and colors! What a great post that's fun and informative! Lve it!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  • Tariro says:

    What a great interview!

  • Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors} says:

    Bummer the link to her shop isn't working.

  • Audra Canfield says:

    Hi Arianna, This is Audra Canfield. Try the site again. I just checked and it's definitely up and running. Thanks!

  • Caitlin says:

    Arianna – links are working. Please let me know if you have anymore trouble.

    Audra – thank you for letting us into your beautiful home! I'm coveting a few of your pillows!

  • la la Lovely says:

    Gorgeous pillows + gorgeous home. I love how she said… "black grounds a space + white gives relief – perfectly put! Great interview!
    xo trina

  • Audra Canfield says:

    Thanks so much Caitlin and everyone! We will be adding more in the near future so keep checking back!

  • Jennifer says:

    So impressive and GORGEOUS! What a way to launch. I want to shop for more pillows!

  • Sarah Jane says:

    Love this interview;) Going to check out her site and hopefully find some cute pillows for my living room!

  • Ivana says:

    Thanks so much for making me discover this amazingly talented woman! I would love to have some of her creations on my own sofa :)

    xx Ivana

  • Christina Sidfeldt says:

    Amaziiiing!!!! Love, love love!!!/Christina

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