I’m Loving . . .

The packing has began for New York, and as I rummage through my closet to find clothes appropriate for the steamy weather out east, these outfits are my source of inspiration.

When it comes to humidity my hair doesn’t cooperate – it will start to frizz, get big and then look weird. Both of these hairstyles will be my go-tos this weekend. Having it pulled back, but in a chic way, is the best way to keep it under control.

After this long work week of getting everything squared away before heading on vacation, I’m wishing we had a bathtub so I could come home at night and relax in a warm tub. Someday…but for now I’ll keep dreaming.

These two tumblr sites have my mind all aflutter with inspiration – brought to you by the ever so lovely Miss Moss. One for fashion and the other for interiors. What more could a girl ask for? If you’re looking for inspiration or in the mood to pin awayclick fast because she’s outdone herself!

I’ve been obsessing over this Clare Vivier messager bag – it’s simple, chic and down right perfection. It’s on the top of my wish list for fall. The only problem is . . . what color to get? Cognac? Navy? Black? or Gray?



    I have that ponytail in my style tear sheets as well…there's just something so messy + perfect about it!

  2. Alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

    great blog! I found you from Lisa (With Style Grace) Have a great trip!

  3. Pretty Mommy

    I have the cognac and I LOOOOVVVEE it 😉 Wish I could make a NYC for the blogger soiree – next time!

  4. jillian :: cornflake dreams.

    loving that clawfoot tub! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. The Vintique Object

    I have to laugh about the packing list for hot weather because I just came back from New Mexico where I took clothes that seemed summery here and which were sweltering there. It's such a shock to go from Bay Area summers to real summers, isn't it? That's a GORGEOUS bathroom. Pinning.

  6. jacquelyn | lark + linen

    I'm LOVING the twisy-braidy-bun (it's technical name, I'm sure). I definitely need to figure out how to do that to myself

  7. Caitlin

    Camille – definitely going to rock the look in nyc 🙂

    Alison – thanks for stopping by. Love hearing from new readers.

    Pretty Mommy – I need! I need! It'll be my next purchase from you 😉

    Jacquelyn – that is definitely the technical term! I need to figure out how to do it but I'm horrible at doing my own hair.

  8. sjdrea19

    I love the hair pics! I'm just wondering if you can provide a step by step process for the chic picture on the right?

    Love everything about your blog!!!

  9. Global Atelier

    I think gray would be just perfect for your wardrobe!!

  10. classiq

    Those hair styles are so effortless chic! Would love to try them both. 🙂

  11. Lara {simply irresistible blog}

    Love the summer outfit inspiration. those blue shorts look like the perfect addition to a weekend outfit.

  12. Emma at The Marion House Book

    so much to love in this post: the hair (needed that today in muggy toronto), those bathrooms (love the 1st one especially) and the bag – i'd get the cognac now and the navy in the fall (if money was no option!)

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