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a new week . . .

Happy Monday everyone! After a weekend filled with lying around reading, catching up on laundry, enjoying being at home and then taking a ferry ride over to Marin to spend the day with a friend – I’m ready to take on this busy week. And that’s because at the end of it I’ll be heading to New York and Philly.

These are a few things that carried me through the past week: My new favorite magazine Inside Out (if you haven’t picked up a copy it’s filled with endless inspiration that will have you re-arranging your home), little bamboo pins from New Mexico have me brainstorming a fun project, lemon to put in my water (which is my summer staple drink to keep me hydrated), I’m still in love with my dried Lotus pods that fill an Astier bowl, Polaroids that bring back so many amazing memories and then this necklace has been making an appearance in my wardrobe quite a bit.

Hope all of you have an amazing week ahead of you!

Photos: Caitlin Flemming

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It’s been quite a busy week – with events, deadlines and ending it on a high note yesterday with the amazing Glitter Guide feature. Thank you all for your support, you all made me smile from ear to ear with your sweet words.

This weekend I’ll be continuing my summer tradition of turning my computer off and slowing down. I’ve got no plans for Saturday, which I’m so excited about, so the sky is the limit – I’m going to test out some new recipes and finally finish the book I’ve been reading. Then on Sunday I’m heading over the beautiful bay to Marin to spend the day lounging by my friends pool – talk about pure bliss.

I hope all of you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! See you back here on Monday.


Photos: 1 Domino 2. The Kitchn 3 + 4. wit + delight
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Style at Home: Glitter Guide Feature!

Today I’m excited to be featured on the one and only Glitter Guide. When Taylor came to me about the idea of Glitter Guide I was sold. Then she mentioned that she wanted to feature me – I was shocked. Since I’m not a style blogger I’m not used to being in front of the camera, but with the help of Taylor, Alicia and the amazingly talented Michelle Drewes, I was immediately put at ease once the shoot happened.

You sure do know how to make a girl blush with all of the kind words I’ve already received on twitter and Glitter Guide! Thanks for the support lovelies. Means the world to me!

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I’m Loving . . .

These two bare legged looks, taken by the Sartorialist are perfect for San Francisco summers – especially when the fog starts rolling in.

I’m always on the look out for cozy corners to curl up in with the sun beaming in. It’s the best way to spend an afternoon.

Erica Tanov via Undecorate

A little pop of color is what everyone needs in July. When I came across this STUNNING Celine two-toned tote my heart started beating way too fast – it’s a thing of beauty. Wishing it miraculously appear in my closet!

This weekend I’ll be rummaging through my closet to find outfits for New York. Since we don’t get a lot of warm weather in SF I’ve got a limited wardrobe to work with but I’m ready to get creative. This simple ensemble is definitely going to be my Saturday staple.
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outdoor spaces: which one do you adore?

I’ve always known that having a little space outside to call your own is important, but this summer I’m feeling it even more. We’re longing for the days when we can have a tiny space for a bbq, table and chairs. I’d be out there every single day the sun was shining – sipping on my morning tea, reading a book and hosting dinner soirees. Of course this brought on the need to look and daydream for inspiration for my “future” outdoor space. All of these have something I adore: from the chairs to the greenery to the overall aesthetic.

The real question is, which one do you adore? What do you like about them or dislike? Can’t wait for you to share!

Photos: 1. Nuevo Estilo 2. Simply Seductive 3. unknown (anyone?) 4. Martha Stewart 5. Domino
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