chair: which one do you adore?

All of us have that favorite chair in our home – whether it’s in your living room, bedroom or a small special nook. It’s a place where you can do anything you want; read, chat with a friend on the phone or drink a warm cup of tea and relax. Chairs come in all shapes and sizes, so what style chair do you adore?

On another note, each week I create this series and I’d love to hear from you – what rooms or areas of rooms would you like to see featured in the next few weeks?

Photos: 1. Brian Park Photography 2. etc 3. unknown 4. Thibaut Design 5. here 6. Design*Sponge


  1. Cove and Grey

    These photos are amazing! I adore all of them

  2. Daniella

    Ooh the third one has always been favourite, but i'm loving number one too!

  3. KSK

    #4 – looks goods and really comfortable!

  4. Anna

    Black Eames lounge chair!
    It's so inviting, and yet simple.

  5. JenLynn

    I'm partial to the Eames Lounge. I have one at my apartment and it is the perfect spot to curl up with a book and a cup of tea.

  6. Valerie Wills Interiors

    Love all of them really but if I had to pick one I really like number four…. I like the entire room from the chair to the Moorish wallpaper to the colour palette…

  7. Lauren | Seventeenth and Irving

    Ooo, what a toss up. I'm torn between 2, 3, and 5. I love a good Eames chair.

  8. Samantha

    i like room number 3 best, but probably would feel cozier in chair # 4!


  9. Lip Gloss and Flip Flops

    I love #3! I like a good lounge chair and this chair looks like one I would have no problem reading and napping in. xo

  10. Chaos Tamer

    Having an Eames Lounge chair in my home is a goal of mine, I love them so!

  11. eva

    the second one!! because it seems so modern and comfortable even altough it is so old design. It shows that classics are forever!
    have a nice week!

  12. Bridget

    Number 2 gets me every time. That said though, number 4 looks so inviting!

  13. heidi

    ooh, 1, 4 and most definitely #2. That eames lounger is on our must have (one day) list!

  14. Lisa

    Love #3! Looks so cozy. And I love how bright everything is!

    I have bookshelves on the brain right now. Would also love to see offices/desks!

  15. TreeTopVistas

    I love chair option #1. The view doesn't hurt it's case either haha.

  16. M.R.

    i love #3!

  17. jen @ design blossom

    Number 3…in a nice caramel leather!

  18. Brook

    Number one. Love the others and have coveted for years #2 and #5 but I own the first and now have incentive to redo in white. Thanks for tip.

  19. Elise / Pennyweight

    two! love it… so cozy yet chic.

  20. Savvy in San Francisco

    I love number four! Looks so cushy and cozy but still modern.

  21. joanna of sbp

    ohhh that is hard! I think 1 and 6 are my faves!

  22. Lauren Christine

    From the amazing joes wood floors to Pinterest…gotta love it! Pinterest is such a fun new way to explore images!! Wonderful post!
    Golden White Decor

  23. SarahW

    One for great style, and two for comfort. But they're all great!

  24. EclecChic

    One, two, five,…. are all fabulous

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