I’m Loving . . .

I never tire of open shelving – every single image I come across of open shelving brings on a new love affair with it. The contrast of the white/neutral tones against the black makes it look even more chic.

The sun has been shining here and if it stays this way I’m going to make this wardrobe my staple look. It’s perfect for running around the city.

When I came across this recipe my mouth started watering – this lasagna is making an appearance in my kitchen when the city is engulfed in fog.

I’ve got a huge crush on these No. 6 clogs. I think I’ve been lusting after them for far too long and it’s high time I make a special place for them in my closet. This chestnut color is divine and pretty much perfect for fall.

You probably get sick of me talking about a few things that I wish I could change about our apartment – the kitchen and bathroom fixtures in particular. This bathroom mirror is perfection. Paired with the white subway tile and unique sink – this bathroom definitely has my name written all over it!

On another note, today I was quoted in The Wall Street Journal talking about the Alameda Flea Market. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen but that day has come. I’m over the moon right now!


  1. Lisa

    I LOVE that outfit so much. I also really love her hairstyle. Makes me want to cut my hair!

  2. rooth

    Mmmm, lasagna. The tiles in that bathroom are GLEAMING

  3. MG

    Congrats on being quoted in the WSJ, that is so exciting! That lasagna looks amazing.

  4. Katie*Belle

    I love that dress!

  5. Tobe | Because It's Awesome

    agreed. love the contrast in that kitchen. and the bathroom is to die for!

    congrats again on the WSJ feature! ox

  6. Meagan

    Congrats on the press, how thrilling! I'm right there with you on old vs new, and I STILL know people who think ewwww old. Crazy right? There's nothing better that a piece with a soul šŸ™‚

  7. jacquelyn | lark + linen

    Omg that lasagna! Can you link to the recipe? I feel like I need it in my life. My stomach is rumbling already.

    Congrats on your article, how exciting for you!

  8. Caitlin

    Thank everyone! Very exciting to be quoted.

    Jacquelyn – The link to the recipe is at the bottom. Click on Framed Cooks. I think I'm making it this weekend.

  9. joanna of sbp

    i love open shelving as well… i just dont understand how people get everything to fit! I could only pull it off if I had a BIG kitchen!

    and that last photo…. love!

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