I’m Loving . . .

This week’s “I’m Loving” feature is centered around one thing – Jenna Lyons home that was recently featured in British Vogue. Although her home has been featured in dozens of magazines and sites, it’s constantly evolving each and every year. Seeing how she changes her space brings me inspiration to do a little re-decorating of my own.

What makes this feature is the person behind the lense – Todd Selby. The way he captures a room is impeccable. I am crossing my fingers that he uploads some photos that weren’t published on his site. Believe me ladies, it’s worth picking up this issue for the images and the article.

photos from UK Vogue via A Lovely Being


  1. Daily Cup of Couture

    I am beyond obsessed myself!


  2. Alyce

    what a beautiful inspiring space. there is not a darn thing uncool about that lady!

  3. Jin

    Ahhh…..I love Jenna..i want to be her!

  4. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Sigh. She's just a little bit fabulous isn't she!

  5. Victoria

    Yes, I blogged about it too! She is a style queen and has such a gorgeous home.

  6. Gild and Grace

    Her house is indeed fab but her shoe collection?! Oh my!!
    Abbey x

  7. Little Blond Bird

    What a gorgeous home. I would die for that shoe collection!


  8. M.R.

    i love the piles of shoes!

    can u imagine??


  9. Small time queen

    I love your blog. Such great insiration…


  10. With love...

    Simply exquisite!

  11. Barbie // Birds of a Lovely Feather

    That chandelier…I can't!

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