to bare or not to bare . . .

We’re currently in that time of year where you don’t know if you can go outside with bare legs or if tights are needed. Yesterday, I took a leap of faith with the weather and went sans tights. Well, let me tell you, I had shivers all day long – the blue sky and sunshine are such a tease this time of year.

This outfit is the perfect look that could go bare legged with or cover with a sleek pair of tights and look equally as chic. Don’t you think?

Are you having the same problem? I hope I’m not alone . . .

Photo: Vanessa Jackson


  1. Amy@Old Sweet Song

    YES! And no matter which way I go it's usually the wrong choice. This transitional times are always so awkward.

  2. Catherine @ The Spring

    The good thing about this problem is that it's easy to fix… if it's sunny, toss the tights in your purse and pull them on in case of shivers. Now the issue becomes, what stylish bag to choose to fit all the layering pieces required for a day of apt seasonal dressing?!?

    – Catherine @ The Spring

  3. Caitlin

    Amy – Same! I'll probably never get it right . . .

    Catherine – That is a great idea! You are so right though, a huge purse is needed since I always carry a sweater, scarf and now tights in it 🙂

  4. Kate

    This happens to me every fall. When I wear tights it's insanely warm out but when I don't it's freezing. I do love this outfit though!

  5. Nikki Rappaport

    For the past few days I've been totally rocking the bare legs and I'm loving it. Bundling up on top with a leather jacket and chunky wool scarf, but I'm liking the legs bare even with the chill. Glad to hear I'm not alone!

  6. Kelly

    It's definitely tights weather here in the Northeast, although I went without today and was FREEZING!!!

  7. Mimi

    Not tight weather here, it is hot hot hot, I wish for a little cold. Mimi xx

  8. Victoria

    I know exactly what you mean. I went out bared legged yesterday and had to buy tights mid-morning as my legs were freezing!

  9. Stephanie Shepherd

    You are not alone, I had this exact thought this morning! It feels wonderful out already, but I went with the tights…you can always take them off.


    I've been sporting the knee-high herringbone or argyle socks with my heels to warm things up a bit, and channel my preppy side.. I highly recommend 🙂

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