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outfit: which one do you adore?

This week I decided that an outfit post for ‘which one do you adore?’ would be a fun twist to the normal interior focus. Since the weather is growing cooler and cooler every single week, I’ve been trying to figure out my favorite look for these chiller temps. Whether it’s adding a scarf, coat, or sweater to my ensemble – I’m ready to pack on the layers. Have you started thinking about the key pieces you want in your Fall wardrobe?

So which one of these outfits do you adore? I’m loving number one for during the week and number six for weekends. Can’t wait to hear what all of you think!

Photos: 1. + 6. Sartorialist 2. + 3. Vanessa Jackson 4. Everything Fab 5.

38 responses to outfit: which one do you adore?


    I ADORE #4…you really can't beat a classic trench + skinny jeans combo, in my book.

  • bluehydrangea says:

    All so great but 2 and 6 are my favs!!

  • Creategirl says:

    Great post! I have #1 and #2 but honestly I from November – April I usually look like #6 with my head poking out from a oversized scarf!

  • Mackenzie {Design Darling} says:

    Definitely #4! Trench coat, skinny jeans, pointed toe heels… Perfect from head to toe!

  • Catherine @ The Spring says:

    Number 4 – but in the real world at bridge in those shoes, I'd toss the spike heels into the beautiful bag and whip out a pair of black patent leather flat loafers!

    – Catherine @ The Spring

  • Leslie says:

    I adore all the camel pieces.

  • Daydreaming in the City says:

    My fave is #6. It's exactly my stule and it's exactly the type of outfit I would wear to work.
    But all the others have things that I adore, like the cape and hat in #2 (I'm a cape kind of gal), the boots and jacket in #3 and the trench in #4.
    All in all 6 wonderful styles. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Sara says:

    I love #4. That's so my style with the classic trench coat!

  • Little Blond Bird says:

    I'm torn between number 1 and number 5 – I love camel!

  • G. says:

    4 & 6 !

  • Sing says:

    Number two for the hat alone!

  • Abi says:

    I love 1 & 5!! I can never pick just one!

  • Sarah (Note to Self) says:

    #2. Cape, hat, heels? Yes please!

  • Margaret Elizabeth says:

    Love love love #4. Trench & skinnies. Can't go wrong.

  • Lille Liljehvit says:

    Definetely number three :)


  • woreout says:

    Number four is my favorite the perfect mix of chic and casual. The pieces she combined are all timeless staples.

  • sarahelizabeth says:

    OOOHH. number 3. those boots!!! that skirt!! gorgeous.

  • Olivia says:

    looove #4. #6 is pretty cozy too!!!!

  • Ashley says:

    Definitely numbers 1 and 3.

  • Amanne | says:

    #2 is my favorite. I love black and grey for the winter. Plus the outfit is so effortlessly stylish.

  • victoria | vmac+cheese says:

    How can you pick just one? They're all amazing. I'd wear all of them in a week!

  • Lip Gloss and Flip Flops says:

    Oh I'm loving #3 & 4! Adorable!! xox

  • joanna of sbp says:

    I am totally for nr 3 & 4! excellent.

  • simplygrove says:

    I am all about #4!!!

  • travelkate says:

    I'm going to go with #3-love the thigh high boots and skirt!

  • Global Atelier says:

    Love them all!!!!

  • SILVIA says:

    I would say that I like outfit number 4 the best. It's so classic and it's something that I would wear.

  • Lisa says:

    #3 is my favorite, followed closely by #6. I just love everything about #3, and #6, while it's not usually my style, just looks so, so cozy.

  • Cassandra says:

    #1 and #4 for sure! i love the monochromatic outfit from #1, but totally digging the trench coat look from #4

  • says:

    #3, I love that skirt and boots combo, need long skinny legs for that though. Also love #6, the combination of the taupe cardigan and leather jacket, great textures.

  • inge says:

    I love number 6 the grey with the taupe is a lovely combination.

  • Victoria says:

    I adore the last wrap! So cozy and exactly what I would like to wear everyday this winter:)

  • Dylan Drake says:

    Outfit #4 all the way!

  • Designs Good says:

    I definitely adore #3!

  • Anna (A Newfound Treasure) says:

    2 & 4 are my favorites. I found your blog tonight and I'm so glad that I did. LOVE it!


  • curiouscovetous says:

    they're all very very cute, but i ADORE #4! love your blog btw :)

  • articulateart says:

    6 is nice and comfy!!!

  • DEY says:

    the last one!

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