daily inspiration: cheetah is the new black

Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black here and I’m extremely excited to be here on Savramento Street! Each and every week I look forward to Caitlin’s Monday morning posts, today I’m sharing my own inspiration. Enjoy!

1. I’m constantly inspired by what I read and always enjoy WSJ Magazine which my Mom mails to me every month.

2. I’m also inspired by music and enjoy finding new bands and artists. I recently downloaded Spotify on my phone which has been rather life changing.
3. Being back in San Francisco for the holidays has given me a fresh perspective on the city I love so much. I’ve been indulging in all of my favorite hotspots including multiple cups of Blue Bottle Coffee.
4. I’m usually not a bright pink lipstick wearer but I can’t get enough of this adorable Supercalifragilipstic! tube by Kate Spade. It’s just so happy and cheerful.
5. Caitlin and I have a soft spot for Cris (a gem of a consignment store) on Polk Street where I picked up this rhinestone necklace last week. I think it has New Year’s Eve potential!
6. Lastly, a fresh glittery gold manicure is necessary for both Christmas and New Years! I was impressed to find that only one coat of FACE Stockholm nail polish (found at J.Crew) is needed.

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  1. Tea Joeli

    Great blog and pics.
    Kisses from New York:)

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