bed: which one do you adore?

Last night my mom and I were sitting in her new condo discussing what style of bed she should purchase for the guest bedroom – from traditional to antique to modern . . . the possibilities are endless. So after searching for the perfect style I thought it might be fun to have all of you weigh in on your favorite style. Which do you adore the most?

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  1. Tiffany @ Savor Home

    Its a toss between #1 and #5. I like guest bedrooms that are crisp, simple and inviting. I love the clean lines of the bed in #5 and I like the warmth of #1. I'm sure that anything you pick will be beautiful!

  2. BronsonBloopers

    Oh I like the second bed down, but the big map in the next one 🙂 When the picture shows a messy bed it make it look more comfy for some reason haha Congrats to your mom on her new place!

  3. Grace Lynne Fleming

    #2. I love, love love it!


  4. KATE

    The third one, I just want to crawl right in!

  5. Shauna A

    #2. Love the wood paired with the simple white. Effortless.

  6. Lauren

    #6 – I love all things tufted.

  7. Nikki Rappaport

    It's a tie between 3 and 6. Both romantic in their own ways.

  8. Lisa @ Elembee, Etc

    #6! I love a perfectly messy bed. Such a thin line between cozy/lived-in and lazy/didn't feel like making the bed kinds of messy.

  9. Rachel

    Either #1 or #6. So comfortable looking

  10. Lauren

    Oh gosh, it's so hard to choose. I love #1, but I think you can be a little more fun in the guest room. So maybe #6.

  11. UrbanChiqueNess

    I love the whole room in 1 but there is something organic and cool about the bed in two! Possibilities are endless…

  12. Caitlin

    Love all of these comments that came in today! Thanks for chiming in everyone. I think I love every option but I think my favorite is #6.

  13. Anonymous

    Love everything about the room in #1!

  14. Mariana

    #3- from the moment I began scrolling down 🙂
    I love the wallpaper by the headboard.

  15. classiq

    I love everything about the 3rd room. That would make a great guest room.

  16. Luxe Vida

    I would say #6, there's nothing better than a super cozy bed you don't want to get out of! x

  17. Annabelle

    I like #6. Looks very welcoming! And I too love tufting.

  18. Becca - {extra}ordinary wonders

    I'm torn between looks 1 and 6. Look number 1 feels calm and relaxing, but I love the personal touches. Look number 6 is a bit more romantic and cozy.

  19. Helene @ Homebound

    love the third one but more for the amazing paris wallpaper. for the bed istself it would be no. 6, it looks very inviting 😉

  20. Kelly

    I want a tufted headboard sooo bad, so #6!

  21. Hilary Inspired

    When I saw #1 floating around on Pinterest, I repinned it immediately!! It's still my favorite now, although I do love the surprising simplicity of #5.

  22. Grant K. Gibson

    I love #1!

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Anna - Canoe Design

    I am torn between number 1 and 3. I love the simple upholstered headboard in image number one but the mural wall in photo three is stunning…tough choice!

  24. Melissa Cahoon

    Today's a rainy, lazy Saturday where I live and I'd love to be cuddled up in room #6. But I also love #3 and #4!

  25. Bettina

    #4 is my hands down fave!

  26. Barbie // Fringe and Feathers

    They're all pretty but the second one screams cozy!

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