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bed: which one do you adore?

Last night my mom and I were sitting in her new condo discussing what style of bed she should purchase for the guest bedroom – from traditional to antique to modern . . . the possibilities are endless. So after searching for the perfect style I thought it might be fun to have all of you weigh in on your favorite style. Which do you adore the most?

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26 responses to bed: which one do you adore?

  • Tiffany @ Savor Home says:

    Its a toss between #1 and #5. I like guest bedrooms that are crisp, simple and inviting. I love the clean lines of the bed in #5 and I like the warmth of #1. I'm sure that anything you pick will be beautiful!

  • BronsonBloopers says:

    Oh I like the second bed down, but the big map in the next one :) When the picture shows a messy bed it make it look more comfy for some reason haha Congrats to your mom on her new place!

  • Grace Lynne Fleming says:

    #2. I love, love love it!


  • KATE says:

    The third one, I just want to crawl right in!

  • Shauna A says:

    #2. Love the wood paired with the simple white. Effortless.

  • Lauren says:

    #6 – I love all things tufted.

  • Nikki Rappaport says:

    It's a tie between 3 and 6. Both romantic in their own ways.

  • Lisa @ Elembee, Etc says:

    #6! I love a perfectly messy bed. Such a thin line between cozy/lived-in and lazy/didn't feel like making the bed kinds of messy.

  • Rachel says:

    Either #1 or #6. So comfortable looking

  • Lauren says:

    Oh gosh, it's so hard to choose. I love #1, but I think you can be a little more fun in the guest room. So maybe #6.

  • UrbanChiqueNess says:

    I love the whole room in 1 but there is something organic and cool about the bed in two! Possibilities are endless…

  • Caitlin says:

    Love all of these comments that came in today! Thanks for chiming in everyone. I think I love every option but I think my favorite is #6.

  • Anonymous says:

    Love everything about the room in #1!

  • Mariana says:

    #3- from the moment I began scrolling down :)
    I love the wallpaper by the headboard.

  • classiq says:

    I love everything about the 3rd room. That would make a great guest room.

  • Luxe Vida says:

    I would say #6, there's nothing better than a super cozy bed you don't want to get out of! x

  • Annabelle says:

    I like #6. Looks very welcoming! And I too love tufting.

  • Becca - {extra}ordinary wonders says:

    I'm torn between looks 1 and 6. Look number 1 feels calm and relaxing, but I love the personal touches. Look number 6 is a bit more romantic and cozy.

  • Helene @ Homebound says:

    love the third one but more for the amazing paris wallpaper. for the bed istself it would be no. 6, it looks very inviting 😉

  • Kelly says:

    I want a tufted headboard sooo bad, so #6!

  • Hilary Inspired says:

    When I saw #1 floating around on Pinterest, I repinned it immediately!! It's still my favorite now, although I do love the surprising simplicity of #5.

  • Grant K. Gibson says:

    I love #1!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Anna - Canoe Design says:

    I am torn between number 1 and 3. I love the simple upholstered headboard in image number one but the mural wall in photo three is stunning…tough choice!

  • Melissa Cahoon says:

    Today's a rainy, lazy Saturday where I live and I'd love to be cuddled up in room #6. But I also love #3 and #4!

  • Bettina says:

    #4 is my hands down fave!

  • Barbie // Fringe and Feathers says:

    They're all pretty but the second one screams cozy!

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